Saturday, 28 May 2011

Plots full of produce

Spent last evening at the allotment garden, handweeding between the rows of veg that were getting choked with that pesky chickweed.  Backbreaking work, but worth it, of course it won't last, but for now the plot is looking reasonably ship-shape.  This morning managed to squeeze in a row of Scarlet Curly Kale, which I have never grown before, but is supposed to get more scarlet the more mature it gets.  Should look stunning by the winter.  Will post some pics. then - if it survives.  Some years, when time is tight, I am not so fussed at keeping the garden weed-free, but I pay for it the following year - so I am trying really hard to keep the weeds down this year.  I just hope it pays off.  I do allow some self-seeders in the veg garden - there are a lot of poppies popping up and marigolds, so together with my cutting patch it should look a riot of colour in a few weeks.  Last year I planted a row of nasturtiums but the soil was too rich for them and there were hardly any flowers, just masses of leaf.  I was hoping that they would self-seed, but so far I have only found one plant on top of a potato ridge.  Oh well, you can't win them all.
Pictured above:  onions, chard and cabbages all looking very healthy so far

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