Friday, 27 May 2011

Weed Worries

We have had the odd shower of rain this week and yesterday a fairly good downpour, which is good.  The downside is that the allotment garden is now covered in chickweed.  It has seeded in the carrots and parsnips and that means getting down on my hands and knees and carefully pulling it out without disturbing the roots of the seedlings.  It  isn't as if I haven't been hoeing regularly, so goodness knows where they have all come from.  I have the brassicas covered with mesh cloches to stop bird attack, so it means I will have to take off all the cloches, and give everything a good weeding, then put everything back.  What a pain!  As an aside, there were one or two cabbage plants spare so I put them out uncovered, and they have been ravaged by birds; hopefully, they will keep on eating those few plants and leave everything else alone.
Pictured above:  Sweet Williams from the cutting garden.

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