Monday, 27 June 2011

All Kinds of Everything

At last the window box is finally beginning to fill out.  I expect the cool weather is what has held it back but now it is starting to look as I imagined when I planted it with Pelargoniums, Surfinia Petunia and trailing Geraniums.

The Redcurrants  are cropping really well and have practically taken over one corner of the allotment.  Each batch that I pick will be frozen until I have enough to make a decent amount of redcurrant jelly.

This morning I dug up my first lot of first early Potatoes (Arran Pilot).  I got fed up of waiting for them to flower so thought I would investigate and see how they were doing.  As you can see, not a bad haul for one plant.  I have never tried this variety before, so I am looking forward to tasting them.

I also pulled up the Garlic yesterday as the foliage had bent over, the cloves I planted were brought over for me from the Isle of Wight, by a friend on holiday there.

There were four different varieties, unfortunately two of the names tags have washed off but the other two were Provence White and Early Purple.  They are just slightly bigger than a golf ball.  In previous years I have just used supermarket garlic and they have never really been successful.


  1. Those potatoes look great. Can't beat them with some butter and salt.

  2. Your veggies and flower box look just wonderful. So early for veggies (but I guess not in the UK.)

    I still can't get your new posts to show up on my sidebar, so sorry if I don't comment right away. I'll try to remember to look down the page and click on you!