Monday, 13 June 2011

The Bucket - A Gardeners' Friend

Where would we be without a decent sized bucket, preferably big and black.  If I am planning to spend a while pottering in the garden out comes the bucket - in goes the hand fork, trowel, secateurs, string - anything I think I will need during my garden wanderings.  In go any weeds that I may pass by that catch my eye, tie something up here, dig out something there.  I couldn't be without it.  For more serious work, there is the wheelbarrow of course.  Bags of manure, compost and grit follow me round.  But as a general rule, the bucket is handier and more useful.  I do own one of those big plastic garden trugs but I hardly ever bother with it - I am loyal to my bucket.


  1. I've got one of those RHS gardening bags - lots of pockets around the sides, stuffed with string, scissors, soft ties, plant labels, pencils, 2 secateurs (both blunt - must get some Felcos), 2 trowels, a few old peas that fell into the bottom, etc etc. And a big bag of seeds in the middle that need to be sown!! Definitely couldn't go down to the Veg Patch without it! I should probably take a bucket as well but would have to have octopus arms!

  2. Sounds very posh to me definitely more upmarket than a bucket - perhaps I should treat myself.

  3. A big, black builder's bucket is an essential plot item! I use mine to carry stuff to and from the plot and when watering.
    They also make good containers for growing things in. Flighty xx


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