Friday, 24 June 2011

The Friday Collection

I have decided to use Fridays to show pics that I have taken but not featured in my daily ramblings.  Above is Cistus or Rock Rose an evergreen bushy shrub with sticky shoots and narrow, glossy, dark green leaves.  In early summer it bears large flowers with a red blotch at each petal base, the flowers only last for a day.  When they unfurl they look like crinkled tissue paper.  I bought this plant this year and from the look of it, it won't disappoint.

This is also a new plant this year Veronica hybrida 'Inspire Blue' (Speedwell) is a compact, bushy plant and spikes of small, bright blue flowers appear from May to the end of August.  It dies back in winter but should grow and flower each year.

This is container grown Scarlet Kale which will grow more scarlet as it matures, grown in pots as I have run out of space in the raised beds.

And finally, slug-free Lettuce 'All the year round' which I tried to show earlier in the week but the computer refused to upload.  I know I shouldn't say this as I will  be tempting fate, but so far I have absolutely no slug problems with my lettuce.  This has got to be a first!


  1. Lovely looking blemish free produce. Nice pics.

  2. Lovely pics, Elaine. I love the description of the 'English cottage garden' in your header. I definitely try to go for that look in mine.

    Have a lovely evening. Sorry about those slugs!

  3. Have you done something different with your blog's name or the settings of your followers?

    The reason I ask is that I am following you, but your posts don't show up in my 'dashboard.' So today I put your blog on my 'bloglist' but what shows up as your last post is one you did four weeks ago. If you click on your link (from my bloglist) it goes right to today's blog, for some reason.

  4. Lettuce is a plant we cant safely grow out in the open, here. In our garden, they are potted, placed somewhere cool and shady. Beautiful veggies you have there.

  5. A lovely selection to end the week with. I'm told that slugs don't like the red leafed lettuce varities! Flighty xx