Saturday, 25 June 2011

Saturday Blues

Had an awful lot of rain in the night and at the moment this morning looks pretty miserable.  The grass desperately needs cutting but, hopefully if the weather forecast is right, it will have to wait till tomorrow.  Although the above picture is not the best I have ever taken, the Dahlias are starting to flower.  I bought a dozen tubers this year to replace those that I lost over the winter.  Normally I have no trouble storing tubers but they all rotted so I have to start again.  I have a separate patch for them as the colours are just a little too bold to put in with my pastel shade cottage plants.  They are used for cutting and the house is usually filled with blooms all during the summer.

Here is another starting to open with lovely bronze foliage.  They seem to be flowering a little earlier than last year but who cares. I have underplanted them with Nasturtiums and when they come into flower I think sunglasses are going to be needed against the glare.

This is the same flower a few days later.  Gorgeous or what!


  1. We've been having the exact same thing here...lots of rain. The grass is green and the peonies are heavy with rain.

    We're at the mercy of Mother Nature! ;)

    Lovely photos.

  2. Hi Elaine, My apologies for not commenting sooner. Your blog doesn't update in my blogroll for some reason; it shows that the last post written was 4 weeks ago!! Anyhooo, Luvverly pics, wish I could grow dahlias, perhaps one day when I have a garden of my very own....

  3. Dahlias! My favorite and a wonderful challenge each year! Yours are lovely! This year a woodchuck had his way with my newly sprouted tubers and we had to devise cages! But the end result is always worthy of the work! I only hvae one about to bloom - 'Esther' ....early to the party!