Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sheep Shearing Sunday

Everything was set up - the sheep shearer was coming this morning - the sheep had been penned up, there was a nervous excitement, praying that the rain would hold off.  You can't shear a sheep that has a wet fleece.  So far so good - then, an hour before the event would take place - the rain started.  It wasn't meant to happen till later in the day.  Blast!  So that's it - it's all off.  Luckily it hasn't been too hot for the sheep with their heavy coats, but once you have had them penned they are very wary and nervy about humans after that.  Can't say I blame them. 

The other thing about the weather - I had all sorts of gardening jobs on my list for today that will also have to be shelved.  It looks like it will have to be a greenhouse day today.  The thing is, as we have been away for a week there is so much to catch up on - maybe I'll have to do the ironing instead!
Pictured above:  Geranium that I can't remember the name of.


  1. There's a real knack to sheep shearing well isn't there. I feel for the sheep afterwards though! Flighty xx

  2. Oh dear, poor hot hairy sheep. Hope the weather doesn't get boiling hot again before the shearer returns. I think your geranium is a himalayan Johnson's Blue. (Just guessing, I grew this once, ages ago.)

  3. I think we will have trouble coaxing the sheep into the yard now as they are very wary - I think the forecast is for rain this weekend again - at this rate they won't get sheared before Christmas. I think you are right about the geranium - I know all the names really, but as I get older they just won't come to me.