Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Colourful Cosmos

Cosmos 'Sensation' is a simple yet beautiful flower.  It is a moderately fast-growing, bushy, erect annual.  I grow it every year - some years it grows better than others, and although it is only meant to grow to about 3ft. it can reach 5ft.  It has feathery mid-green leaves and daisy-like flower heads - perfect for picking as it lasts a long time in a vase.  It comes in shades of red, pink and white and flowers from early summer to early autumn.  This year is a bad growing year, possibly due to weather conditions, but nevertheless, it still deserves a place in the garden.

This is the swelling fruit of a Squash 'Patty Pan' I think, not really sure as the name tag has come adrift somewhere; together with Butternut Squash and Courgettes 'Gold Rush'  and  'Green Bush' I should have enough to keep me going.  They are all grown in the same patch about 3ft. apart to give them plenty of room to spread their wings.  Last year I attempted to grow the squash up frames to save space but the fruit became so heavy that the frames collapsed.  Not one of my better ideas.  The squash 'Sweet Dumpling' is not faring so well - it is in a container, but has hardly grown since I planted it - maybe it's late starter, we'll just have to wait and see.


  1. I feel a little nostalgic, looking at your squash - it's the first year we haven't grown any.


  2. Elaine, I'm growing sweet dumpling as well this year, seeds sown truly late as per my norm; let's hope we have some luck with these now that the weather is back to it's usual form. Caro x (My word verification for this comment turned out to be 'aster' - very appropriate!)

  3. I like cosmos and last year they were doing well until the first frost finished them off. Like you I'm finding that this year they're not so good. Flighty xx

  4. I'm not sure why, but I didn't plant any cosmos this year. I miss it! Yours is lovely.