Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Paradise Planting

I have a plan, or at least I will have, when I have thought it through.  My veg plot is a little too formal for my liking; serviceable but too rigid.  To make it a little more like a paradise garden I have to mix up the planting a bit.  So for next year I have decided to make a patchwork veg garden rather than straight rows.  Then I can include more flowers in with the veg. So here's the plan:-

To sow purple headed alliums amongst the leeks (same family)
Purple Aquilegias with the red cabbage
Marigolds with the curly kale
Cornflowers with the fennel and carrots
California poppies with the onions
Blue anchusa with the purple leaved sage

What do you think - sounds like a plan.  That's all I've come up with so far.  As George Eliot the writer says
"No finical separation between flower and kitchen garden, no monotony of enjoyment for one sense to the exclusion of an other; but a charming paradisiacal mingling of all that was pleasant to the eyes and good for food.

Just by manipulating the rows of vegetables themselves, thinking about contrasts between the shape and texture of their foliage, you can make the plot start to sing.  Although flavour is the prime concern of any fruit or vegetable, experiment with more decorative varieties.  Can't wait to get started!

Pictured above:  Rose 'Compassion'


  1. A good read. keep up the good work

  2. I think that's a brilliant idea. After my accidental growing of pot marigolds among my potatoes this year I think that I'll do something similar next year. Flighty xx

  3. I love everything mixed up together although I do have beds just for flowers. In the polytunnel loads of Marigold, Nasturtiums and Borage self-seed every year. I just pull out what is in the wrong place. It helps keep away bugs too.