Friday, 8 July 2011

Exquisite Echium

Today should have been my Friday Flower Collection but given all the pic uploading trouble I have had I am posting just one.
I have managed to find another route in to my pics so I will do the post I originally intended which is about annual flowers.  Pictured above is the Echium which I sowed from seed to use as a filler in the borders rather than have bare earth showing.  It is a moderately fast growing, erect, bushy annual or biennial with spikes of tubular flowers in shades of white, pink, blue or purple.  The buds on this variety are pink which turn to a purpley-blue as they mature.   This is the first year I have tried this plant but I will definitely use it again.


  1. Elaine, this is a really pretty blue. I've never seen this before.

  2. Elaine, I believe that Echium is also known as Viper's Bugloss, a plant native to Dungeness on the South Coast. It's very attractive to bees and quite invasive, being able to thrive in the salt winds and nuclear leakage on the 'Ness. Definitely a survivor - the decision to use it again may not be yours to make ; ) !! Caro xx