Friday, 8 July 2011

Food Factory

Rather than have a blog without pictures I have re-used one from earlier as I am still having trouble with uploading.

The greenhouse, my food factory, is in full swing now.  The tomatoes are ripening and hanging in beautiful trusses, the cucumbers are swelling and I have already picked one, with many more on the way,  The sweet peppers all have flowers just waiting to be pollinated and the aubergine fruits are starting to pop through.  As the season progresses I have to find ways to use up all these lovely goodies.  If I have too many cucumbers at one time I snip them off with as much stalk as possible left on, then stand them on end, with the stalk in about an inch of water, which keeps them fresh, until I am ready to use them.  If not, I slice and pickle them with onion, deliciously sweet and crunchy and called Sandwich Pickle.  The tomatoes are used fresh where possible, but inevitably, there are far too many to use fresh so they get frozen whole, like snooker balls, ready to cook down for sauces.  The post prolific of all the tomato varieties and the one with the best flavour in my mind, is Sungold.  It does really well outside and the cherry sized fruits are the first to ripen.


  1. It must be so satisfying to grow your own vegetables! I need a bigger veggie plot, but I just have to fill up every spot with perennials. ;)

    Is Leicestershire a part of London or a town on it's own? (That probably sounds like a silly question, but I remember a subway stop with that name in London.)

  2. I may well try Sungold next year! Flighty xx

    Diane Leicestershire is an English county about 90 miles north of London. On the London Tube there is a Leicester Square station.