Friday, 22 July 2011

Flower Friday

Lavatera (Barnsdale), Spirea, Echinachea, Lily
Lavatera - This variety doesn't become too large and the flowers aren't too gaudy, more of a white-suffused pink colour.  I will be taking a few softwood cuttings of this as they aren't as hardy as the basic lavatera shrub.
Spirea- this one is a small, slow-growing shrub, very pretty with airy pink flowers, some careful pruning is required after flowering to keep the flowers coming for next year.
Echinachea (Cone Flower) - I am very proud of my small stand of this plant as I grew them from seed and it was touch and go as to whether they would survive.  I find them very difficult and have tried on previous years without success.  They completely disappear over winter, then it's fingers-crossed time, hoping they will return.  As yet they are still single plants, but I'm hoping they will form clumps as they mature.
Lily - I have had a lot of lilly beetles this year, more so than in previous years, and the lilies have suffered somewhat.  These have been very slow to open and have a bit of beetle damage.  If this is to become the 'norm' then I may well give up on growing lilies.

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