Saturday, 23 July 2011

Fragrant Phlox

Phlox 'Purple Flame'
 This plant flowers from July to September and grows to about 3ft.  It is an easily grown old cottage garden flower that is a must.  It is an elegant plant introduced in 1740.  It produces cylinders of small flowers on strong stems that don't need staking.  They like a light soil and sunny or partially shaded spot.  Can be subject to eelworm attack which causes twisting and swelling of the stems.  Remove weak shoots in spring, to concentrate the plants' energies on the remaining flowers.  Some shoots can be shortened before flowering to produce branching shoots which will flower later.  It is available in a variety of colours including pink, orange, red and white plus purple and should be propagated by root cuttings.


  1. Another lovely cottage garden flower! Flighty xx

  2. A very pretty color! I love phlox especially the fragrant ones! I always give them what my friend calls the "chelsea chop." You must know this term!