Sunday, 24 July 2011

Rustic Dwarfs

Rudbeckia 'Rustic Dwarfs'
This is a picture of my Rudbeckia's from last year, I feel fully justified in showing you this, as it might as well be a picture from this year, as they have grown exactly the same. Why am I telling you this?  Because they are meant to be annuals - that is what it says on the seed packet.  Even more amazing is that they came through one of the hardest winters I can remember!  So, I looked them up in my plant encyclopedia, and guess what - they are a perennial, grown as an annual, presumably because they are half-hardy.

As I thought they were an annual, at the end of the flowering season I have always dug them up.  Last year I didn't for some reason, laziness probably, and they survived, to grow bigger and even better.  I have been picking bunches for weeks now, and they will continue flowering right until the first frosts.  So, I would say that is jolly good value for money.  The packet of seed was 99p.  All this colour in the garden for under a £1. 


  1. Lovely flowers! I keep meaning to sow some and never do! Flighty xx

  2. They are probably marketed as annuals in order to boost sales at the Garden Centres!