Gentle Geraniums

Geranium clarkei 'Kashmir White'
 This is the second flowering for this plant; it started blooming in early summer, and I chopped it back when it had finished, and had this second flush.  It is a carpeting Geranium and can spread rapidly on rhizomatous roots.  It is perennial with divided leaves and loose clusters of cup-shaped flowers, white with pale lilac-pink veins.  As with all Geraniums it is easy to propagate by division or by root cuttings or seed.  It began to take over the bed that it was in a few years ago, so I dug it out.  But, it decided it was going to stay, and from a piece of root that was left in the ground, has established itself once more.


  1. I love perennial Geraniums. Have loads in different colours. They are so easy to propogate and such tolerant plants, great fillers too.

  2. Love love love geraniums. Such carefree plants. Very nice photo showing off the delicate colourings of this one, Elaine.

  3. What a lovely groundcover! No perennial geraniums persist in our hot and humid climate. We do have a wild geranium that comes up in early spring and leaves when the weather heats up.

  4. Another lovely plant and variety! Flighty xx


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