Pale Beauty

Lavatera trimestris
Every year I sow a few Lavatera seeds and usually germination is good and I get plenty of plants to fill in spaces around the garden.  This year germination was poor, and I only got about half a dozen plants.  They come in three colours, pale pink, dark pink and the odd white one.  For me, the nicest part of the plant, are the buds, which are like furled-up umberellas.  They have trumpet shaped flowers which go on until autumn to a height of about 2ft. with grey-green leaves.


  1. Beautiful. I have a couple of Mallows myself this year. Malva moschata which is white and perennial and an annual Mallow which is a lovely cerise colour.

  2. Beautiful bloom! And so big as well! The white of it is so breathtaking!

  3. A lovely plant, especially the white variety. Flighty xx

  4. Have only had the rather dusty pinks but if I'd know they could be this white would have planted them again. Something to try for next year, thanks

  5. Lovely. I haven't tried these. Such a pretty shade of white.


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