Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Black Beauties - Greenhouse Glories

Pepper (Sweet Colour Spectrum)
This sweet Bell Pepper was sown earlier in the year and as the plant grew I just supposed that it would be the same as other years - green peppers that turned red as they ripened.  I had forgotten that I had bought seeds from the Johnsons Cook's Garden range which included peppers of many colours including black, as above, lime green, orange, purple, dark green, light green, yellow and red.  One of the other plants is showing a lime green fruit appearing.  How exciting, can't wait to see what else turns up.

Aubergine (Black Beauty)
 If you look closely at the pretty aubergine flower you can see the aubergine slowly emerging.  I never do particularly well with aubergines - I don't know why but the flowers always drop off before they have set.  I say every year I won't bother again, but I do like a challenge.  Perhaps this year I will crack it.

Tomato (Consteluto Fiorentino)
This ugly brute is a delicious tomato with very few seeds so ideal for cooking.  Last year I had browning on the fruits which went rotten, this year they started out the same way, so I picked those fruits off at the green stage, and the rest have been okay.  They are quite slow to ripen, you have to be patient, but the end result, as you can see for yourself, is amazing.
Tomato (Gardeners' Delight)
I have been picking these tomatoes for a few weeks now, they are really prolific this year, much better than last year for some reason, and all the trusses are on the back of the plant, so I have to crawl round the back to pick them.


  1. I'm not keen on peppers or aubergines but those Gardener's Delights look delicious! Flighty xx

  2. WOW, those colours are so vibrant! I've never heard of your "ugly" tomato. Don't mind ugly if it tastes good :-)

  3. What gorgeous black peppers! Every year I tell myself I'm going to plant them, but then I forget. Beautiful indeed....