Monday, 1 August 2011

July Fruit and Veg Review

Top left are the French beans which are looking healthy and producing buckets full of beans.  Lettuces are still going strong and I am picking leaves every day.  I have sowed several more varieties in the greenhouse which are just coming through for a continuous supply.  Rainbow chard is suffering in the hot weather and flops and wilts, but is still giving a good supply of leaves.  It soon picks up when I water in the evening.  Leeks have been planted in groups in the home veg garden and are actually doing better than those planted individually at the allotment garden.

The James Grieve apples are ripening quickly but still have a way to go to be edible, another few weeks I should think.  The Victoria plums are swelling and will start colouring up and ripening in a couple of weeks.  The damsons are not far off from picking now, colouring up beautifully.


  1. I have had terrible problems with Lettuce this year, it just comes up then straight to seed. It must be the weather, we have had very little sun this year.

  2. Just beautiful! Hope August is just as great.

  3. I planted some leeks out today! It looks like being a good year for apples, and I like James Grieves but it's a pity that they don't store. Flighty xx

  4. Your garden looks wonderful. You have obviously put in a lot of work. Now you can reap the rewards. Have a great weekend.


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