Monday, 1 August 2011

July Review

I am not going to show pictures of my borders because, to be honest, there isn't an awful lot to see.  A lot of the flowers have gone over, possibly due to the dry spell we have been having, so I'm going to concentrate on the positives rather than the negatives.  The colour in the garden is provided by the container plantings which are still going strong.  I haven't planted as many annuals in the borders this year due to poor germination of seedlings, and I think this is why the borders are looking so dull.  Anyway, back to the containers:-

mixed planting
 I have two of these similarly planted containers in the courtyard garden, as you can see they are flowering vigorously and need a lot of feeding and watering to keep them looking good.

 Good old petunias, I know they are a common plant in gardens, but they certainly give a good splash of colour, and with a bit of regular deadheading they keep going all summer long.

Window box
 The window box still looking good with trailing pelargoniums and surfinia petunias.

I grew the Liatris in a container as I didn't quite know how it was going to perform.  It has taken weeks to finally come into flower, and is actually far too large for the size of container it is in.  I will know better if they survive for next year.
Sweet peas
 Finally, the sweet peas, which earlier in the season had a bad attack of greenfly, have survived with a little help from a bug spray, and are now flowering beautifully.  I am picking a bunch every day.

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  1. It's all looking colourful and lush! Like you I'm picking sweet peas every day. Flighty xx