Garden Visiting

Because my garden flowers are practically over, I decided to visit my friend Janets garden to see how hers was faring.  Janet is a very keen gardener who specialises in unusual plants and every available space is crammed with colour.  What she can't get in the ground she puts in pots, she has dozens of them, plus hanging baskets and troughs.  When I have volunteered to water her garden whilst she is on holiday, I can vouch for the fact that it is a mammoth task to keep them all well-watered, but it is worth it because they put on an amazing display. 
Her garden, unlike mine, is beautifully kept; she works very hard at it, and any time you pop round unexpectedly, there she is on her knees, weeding.

These are some of the Sunflower plants that I gave her, which under her care have done far better than my own.

Every border is a delight of mixed planting
and as you can see for yourself there is still plenty of colour to be had at this time of year
as long as you choose the right plants.

I should like to thank Janet for giving me permission to photograph her garden to show to you, unfortunately, Janet herself, is camera-shy.  I must say though that it is always a pleasure to take a wander around a garden which puts mine to shame.  But on the other hand, it gives me something to aspire to.


  1. Janet will be very happy to hear that.

  2. Her garden looks so wonderful Elaine.She has such a beautiful variety of flowers.Just beautiful!

  3. I really enjoy looking at other people's garden. They are places of ideas and inspiration as well as plants!

  4. Lona - I will pass your kind comments on to Janet - she will be delighted.

  5. Elaine, your friend's sunflowers are gorgeous! That was a nice gift to give her. :)

  6. Janet has a beautiful garden. She should blog, too. You have taken beautiful photos of her garden

  7. Thanks everyone for your kind and generous comments. Janet

  8. Wow, that is some garden! If there was one like that near me, I'd give up gardening and just camp out there ;-)


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