Thursday, 1 September 2011

Second Flush Flowering

I was mooching round the garden yesterday, camera in hand, looking for something to blog about today, when I spotted this Campanula which has decided to come into flower again.  They start flowering in the early summer and that is it, why should this year be different - who knows?  But this caused me to look more closely to see what else had decided to give a second flush.
New growth on the Delphiniums for a start.  What is going on?  Normally, once they have finished flowering I cut them down, and they disappear till the following year.  Not this year, they are pushing out new foliage, which looks bright and fresh against the surrounding plants.  I doubt much else will happen with it as it is far too late in the year - but what a nice surprise.

The Pyracantha too have decided to put on a beautiful display for late summer.

They certainly bring a little sunshine to the dull days.


  1. Lovely and all those berries sure look nice.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. I think that anything at this time of year is a bonus! If we get good weather, and no frosts, then it should continue well into October. xx

  3. It is always so nice when they give us a few more blooms to enjoy. Look at all of those berries.Just wonderful. The birds are going to love you this fall and winter. LOL!

  4. It is just a shame the berries are edible - at least I don't think they are!

  5. Those bright green leaves of the delphs are so pretty! And how nice of your campanulas to come 'round one more time.

  6. same here! Campanulas...nasturtiums growing from seed and some roses still putting on new growth! This weather has been confusing for them...

    Pyracantha is growing on me :) I will take a pic of my red one too...(my holly tree as well)..

    I am slowly maturing from herbaceous perennials to evergreen and deciduous shrubbery....

    Love your yellow one!