Monday, 26 September 2011

Autumn Round Up

It rained heavily overnight, a rain which was very welcome, now the sun shines and the garden glows in the morning light.  The flowers are making a last push before winter sets in -
The white of the double Feverfew in its second flush brings a bright spot of relief to the otherwise dying foliage all around it -

The Erysium, bowed down with the weight of water droplets, has performed brilliantly all summer and looks set to carry on for a few weeks yet.  I have already taken a few cuttings which have taken root, but I will take a few more whilst the weather is still warm.

The Nasturtiums are just hanging on although they are looking a bit moth eaten now, I have been collecting seed to ensure an equally good display next year.

The Pelargoniums are past their best now and will be replaced with bulbs, but not before I have taken plenty of cuttings for next years' display - sometimes the cuttings don't make it through the winter in my cold greenhouse, but I will give it a go anyway.

And finally, my little apple tree has bravely hung on to its fruit, it needs re-staking as the winds have taken their toll, but as it is quite a young tree, it is still quite pliable and will straighten without any trouble, I hope.
I bought a new Crocosmia whilst I was away, there was no label on it, but I just loved the darker markings on the flowerheads, I also bought some Asters -

Again, no label, but a very pretty pink, don't you think?

Also a more compact Aster which won't need staking.  There are plenty of unopened buds on this one, so plenty to look forward to.  This is practically the sum total of colour in my garden at the moment except for Dahlias which haven't had the best year.

Bulb planting is next on the agenda, mainly in containers, but last years bulbs will be put into the garden proper, then if they don't amount to much it won't really matter.  I like to give them a second chance, then if they don't perform - out they go.


  1. Plenty of colour in your garden still Elaine, it all looks very cheerful. I'm relying on my nasturtiums for a dash of colour and I picked up a couple of orange/red lilies in Morrisons the other week - couldn't resist!

  2. This time of year may mean that the garden is looking a bit tired but if the weather stays good we've got a few more weeks yet to still enjoy colourful flowers. Flighty xx

  3. Hello Elaine, you too have fallen for the charms of Crocosmia "Emily MacKenzie". I'm really pleased with ours but I want a whole drift of them or am I being greedy?

  4. Flighty - if this week is as good as they say it's going to be the flowers may have a second coming.

    Caro - the pictures are a little deceiving - there is a bit of colour but it's not all in one place so it actually doesn't look like much really.

  5. Hello Elaine. Oh I love that Crocosmia of yours. Such pretty colors. Everytime I see Feverfew I think how pretty it is and that I should get some. I need to add it to my list so I do not forget. LOL! Pelargoniums are favorites of mine too. This was a bad year for them here. Yours looks so pretty. Have a wonderful week.

  6. Wow, you still have so much colour Elaine. And you are putting me to shame, I have been terrible at seed collection and cuttings this year, and will suffer for it next year.

    I am envious of your Crocosmia 'Emily McKenzie', I lost mine last winter. Love the chandelier!