Friday, 16 September 2011

The Golden Season

I though I would start with this image, it isn't my garden, I hasten to add, just to prove to myself that an autumn garden can look good.  This morning the weather is a bit grey and it's starting to rain - why can't the weather stay the same for two days running?
The Rudbeckias in the cutting patch are starting to look a bit sorry for themselves, they are getting a bit droopy and ragged now, but they have been a really good bright spot of colour for weeks, so I musn't mind too much.  The rusts and yellows always seem more appropriate at this time of year, than the pinks and blues, I really must try to inject the garden with more next year.

The Sunflowers are still flowering well, despite the fact that the are all leaning at dangerous angles, and they are still pushing out plenty of buds.

Even though we have hardly had any rain, and I haven't watered them since they were seedlings, they have survived the harsh treatment and neglect.

These self-seeded Antirhinums have also done well, why is it that self-seeders seem stronger plants than those that we plant out.  Is it because they decide where they want to grow, and choose the best spot?

Finally, a picture of the Phaecalia, green manure, that I sowed in the empty potato patch - I love this plant for its fuzzy flower heads - and it's great to know that it is doing a good job as well as looking pretty.


  1. I like this time of year and there's still plenty of colour in the garden.
    I grow lots of phaecelia as well! Flighty xx

  2. Working AND looking pretty? That Phaecalia deserves a star! I always feel sorry for the plants still pushing out buds when the chances of them flowering are low...

  3. The golden season it is!
    Glad to find you on Blotanical, Elaine.
    Love your blooms....

  4. 'The Golden Season' - I like that. Delightful photos in the garden :) XOL

  5. I also like The Golden Season...that is what it is to me.

  6. The Grey day was certainly brightened up by some lovely blooms and colours. I especially like the rudbeckia, it may go on my wish list, Elaine. Do you know what one it is?

  7. Your sunflowers are lovely! And all your blooms are showing their stuff.

  8. I see you are on the top 5 pick of Blotanical! Good for you! Well deserved! I love your blog!

  9. Lost all my sunflowers to slugs this year and stupidly didn't resow. Self sown plants are stronger aren't they? I have antirrhinums. nicotiana and cosmos that are all fine, impressive plants - perhaps because they didn't get over leggy in the greenhouse? (I've just started twitter and found you there via Petra - can't say I understand it though. It may take me some time .....)