Thursday, 15 September 2011

Rabbits in the Mist

Image source Pinterest - I think this is a hare not a rabbit, but I liked this picture
Some years there are plenty of rabbits about, coming into the veg garden and causing havoc, digging crops up, nibbling the rest and generally being anywhere they shouldn't be.  At my allotment garden they build their warrens under my old goat shed.  The paving slabs in front of the shed have sunk due to their burrowing.  What you might call a bloomin' nuisance.

Other years we hardly see any - myxomatosis - killing them off (a rabbit with this disease is a terrible thing to see).

This year is a good year for rabbits and a bad year for humans.  On my way to town this morning, every few hundred yards, there was a squashed rabbit on the road.  I don't know whether drivers aim for them or not - but the rabbits timing crossing the roads, leaves a lot to be desired.  Of course this outcome is good for the crows and magpies, who stand in the road enjoying the carrion, flying off with the rabbits entrails to eat in comfort somewhere a bit safer.

On a more pleasant note - as I was walking through the market place, I heard the sound of some rather excellent music.  Following the sound, I came across three buskers playing a splendid jazzed-up version of 'Sweet Georgia Brown'.  A violin, double bass and guitar - making the market sound like a French side street or something.  I don't know about you, but when I hear street-music it brings a lump to my throat and makes me very tearful.  I get even worse at Christmas when groups stand round singing carols.

google image
Of course, I dropped some money into the violin case - as they had made my morning that little bit more special.


  1. Definitely a Hare. Great pic anyway.

  2. Shame I can't take pictures as good as that, I'd never get a rabbit to stand still long enough.

  3. I do love a good bit of busking. Almost as much as I hate the sight of rabbits with myxy, though I always lack the courage to put the poor things out of their misery.

  4. I love the picture. We have bunnies here at the Garden Spot, cotton tales. They live in the neighbor's windbreak, but dine in our pasture and lawn. They are good bunnies because they leave the garden alone, which is quite surprising. One neighbor says the population is up because the Great Horned Owls aren't around.