Saturday, 3 September 2011

We are Japanese if you please

Japanese Anemone (Anemone Hybrida)
 Introduced in 1848, this wonderful autumn flowerer produces heads of striking, rounded, pink blooms with golden stamens.  You can grown them in sun or part-shade and they can become invasive.  This is what is says in the books, but mine, (I have had it a few years now), has hardly grown at all.  I was hoping for a mass of pink flowers spread across the flower bed.  No such luck - the plant is exactly the same size as when I put it in.  Not one of my better successes I'm afraid.

The back of the flowerhead is almost as pretty as the front

This cactus-type  Dahlia has such a large flower head, as big as a side plate, that I couldn't find a vase for it, so I snipped the stem to a couple of inches and have floated it in a dish.  It looks stunning, don't you think.


  1. The Dahlias are beautiful. I really like the Anemones but haven't put any in. Now it's like I o longer have room for anything else.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Love fall-blooming anemone! I've planted so many varieties I can't tell which is which anymore, but my favorite is 'Alice'. The only reason I remember is because I put it away from the others and it's my sister's name.

  3. Isn't that the way? The plants you count on to be "invasive" as advertised, DON'T! I have some fortnight lily that I dug up after about two years. Just too unwieldy. Well, five years on, I still have shoots coming from the ground! Here's to hoping your anemones take off at some point. And, yes, I think that's a terrific way to display these gorgeous dahlias.

  4. Oooh, that Dahlia is beautiful, clever way to display it. I don't have much luck with Dahlias, the ground here is too wet and it's windy sometimes in the valley which they don't like. Japenese Anemones, now that's another matter. They are rampant here. I have white and pink. I mistakingly put some at the end of one of the veg beds a few years ago, big mistake, I am still trying to dig it out.

  5. I like how you cut the dahlia and put it in a looks great!

  6. Nice pictures, I especially like the dahlia! Flighty xx