Thursday, 29 September 2011

Lazy Hazy Days

As I rode up to the allotment this morning
there was a hazy mist
above the fields
silhouetting the horses grazing
The Cosmos planted around the edge of the plot
their petals dappled with shade
accentuating the purity of
the white Cosmos
a mixture of flowers that have
grown together of their own accord
the Sunflower heads getting
smaller and smaller
still with plenty of flowers to come
the mint is in flower
attracting hoverflies and bees
and a beautiful pale lilac Zinnia
completes the  picture


  1. I can't believe your mint is in flower! My mint is struggling on but definitely knows it's autumn! Must be your green fingers again! x

  2. I've plenty of cosmos in flower too, which I guess will keep going a while yet. Flighty xx

  3. Caro - I've got masses of the stuff it has escaped its boundaries - I shall be digging quite a lot up once the ground is soft enough.

    Flighty - I definitely wouldn't be with it.

  4. So lovely when they just go all crazy on their own, and make such a perfect grouping! Real 'cottage gardening.' I'm trying to get at least one blog post of everyone's read now, and will have a look through more later!

    Cheers, Diane

  5. Oooh, that patch of mixed flowers is just like a bouquet.