Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Early Morning Mushroom Ramble

The best morning of the year so far I reckon, bright warm sunshine and heavy dew, just a hazy mist - so I decided to go for an early morning ramble to look for Field Mushrooms.  By 7.30 I was up and running, well not quite running, but you know what I mean.  I didn't have to look too far - the horsey field next door to ours was full of them, glinting white in the early morning sun.  I came back home with a good haul, and excited by this I went into the field behind our house to check that out as well.  Only  a few Horse Mushrooms I'm afraid - and they were fairly old. 

Once I start mushrooming I tend to get a little greedy for more, as (I may have mentioned before) they really are my favourite free food.  So if the weather holds, I shall be out again tomorrow - before anyone else cottons on.
Mushrooms on toast here we come!
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to see more about the fungi I found whilst on holiday.


  1. Fantastic! I went to a Mushroom Festival at the weekend which has helped me identify a few more. I hope!!

  2. I really need to refresh myself on an id course, even them I'm a wimp with picking them. They look yummy!

  3. Becc - they really were yummo

    Bridget - I do have trouble matching up what I find with what they look like in books - having them identified in real life would be just the thing

  4. I'm far too much of a scaredy-cat to attempt mushroom identification, so will have to make do with being impressed from a distance, rather than attempting to emulate you.

  5. Boy, does that sound like the perfect late night snack (it's just before ten here). I may have to go mushrooming myself... though not as exotically as you, I'll just be popping into the supermarket.