Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Bulb Bounty

To cheer myself up, because the weather has been so, over-the-top, these last few days, I decided to choose my selection of bulbs for the spring display in the garden.  I always store the bulbs from the previous spring to use again - but they aren't always successful a second time, so I generally buy back-up bulbs for my containers.  This selection is Anemone Blanda, Daffodil 'Tete a Tete' (miniature), Large Mixed Crocus, Tulipa Tarda (miniature) and Chinodoxia.

I usually plant the bulbs in layers in the pots, finishing off with a top planting of Pansies, so that I have a long-lasting display right through the spring.  I hate disposing of the summer flowers from the containers whilst they still have plenty of flowers, but they are going over pretty quickly now and are looking a little bit tatty, so I may bring this job forward a little.  What will your choice of spring bulbs be this year?


  1. That's a really nice selection, Elaine!

    Do you have to pull a lot of your bulbs up for the summer and replant them? We leave most of ours in the ground in our climate. (Except for ones that can't take the cold, but I think all the spring bulbs all get left in.)

    Getting caught up today!

  2. Those are some really pretty choices. I don't do a lot of spring bulbs. I probably should though.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. As a bulb person, you may have some advice. I've found the tulip bulbs I didn't dig up at the end of the last season look as if they're gearing to start growing already. They look very alive. I'm planning to do some digging soon while I can still see where the perennials are. I'll re-plant the tulips as I go but I've been wondering whether I could plant new bulbs with them at the same time, even though it's earlier than I would usually put them in.

  4. I love freesias and ranunculus, both of which do well in my neck o' the woods. Tulips are very iffy. I've tried anemones, crocus, Dutch iris, and a handful of others, but they struggle so. Did see some gorgeous anemone hupehensis (perennial) at the arboretum that's got me searching for a source....

  5. I'll have to look that one up Nikki (anemone hupehensis). It sounds a bit silly talking about spring before autumn has finished, but gardening has always meant planning ahead, hasn't it?

  6. Wow, Elaine, I don't think I'm ready for choosing spring bulbs just yet.
    But now you've got me thinking, maybe I'll pick something up at the Eden project or Heligan next week.
    Thanks for stopping by

  7. Thanks for the great reminder, Elaine. And gardening IS, in big part, about looking toward the next flush of bloom...