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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Garden Surprises

I like to grow Cosmos from seed every year in the cutting garden as it is so easy and gives good value for money, flowering right until the first frosts.  It is long-lasting in a vase and comes in pale pink, deep pink and white.  But this year hasn't been so good.  I'm going to blame the weather again.  In a mixed packet of seed  it has thrown up this deviation, a flower with rolled petals (it may be from the Shell series).  To be honest, I'm not sure if I really like it, and don't think I will save the seed from this plant.  Due to the windy weather I had to pick the blooms in order to photograph them.

The other surprise is the re-flowering of the Weigela, this variety is praecox variegata which has leaves with creamy-white margins.  I grew this one from a cutting, and it normally flowers in early spring, which it did, but it has decided to give a second showing for autumn.  What a weird gardening year it has been.  Have any of your flowers sprung any surprises?


  1. I like Cosmos, especially the white one 'Purity'. That one looks like the double variety 'Rose Bonbon', which I've not grown but have got a packet of seeds for next year.

    Yesterday I noticed that one of the perennial cornflowers has started flowering again which I've never seen happen before.

    Flighty xx

  2. No big surprises for me other than I am happy with anything blooming right now in this weird year, but my Weigela did not put on another show like yours.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. Purity is my favourite too, I'm going out to check and see how my perennial cornflower is doing!

  4. Weigelia over here is performing dutifully, blooming just once! But I have had my forsythia, for the last two years, bloom twice! There was a cool spell folowed by heat - and I believe it got confused! Not good to confuse Mother Nature!

  5. No real surprizes for me this year. Other than finding red ant damage (which I'll post about, if I ever get caught up in my commenting!)

    I love the shell cosmos as well, because they are just that much different. Glad they gave a second 'show' for you.

  6. What a pretty cosmos Elaine. I love the double petals of different colors. It is a keeper.

  7. I love your ruffled cosmos. I plant them in the vegetable garden and then they are there forever. My dad called them weeds; I call them wonderful.

  8. Ann- do you mean they are a perennial or that you let them self-seed.

  9. I usually grow the white cosmos 'Purity' at the allotment but for various reasons not this year :( I am missing them. As you say Elaine they are good doers. My variegated weigelia is also having a second flush but if memory serves me right it has done so in previous years.

  10. The shell variety are interesting, but just the simple dainty singles are very pretty. I like the could tangerine ones, too.