Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Village Walkabout

Yesterday the weather was very blustery so I decided on a village walkabout to blow away the cobwebs.

There are quite a few secret little walks around the village that aren't much used.  So I started by walking through fields on the public footpath till I came to the kissing gate

And after walking across a few fields and climbing a fence I saw leaf shadows dancing in the road

I then took another footpath through a sheep field and found a secret plum tree in the hedgerow that I have been picking from for years, no one else seems to walk along the hedge, so they were all mine -
then I passed a Chestnut tree full of green nuts that will eventually be used for playing 'Conkers'

I walked through the alleyway, past the ancient mud-built walls that have been attacked by miner bees who drill holes in the hardened mud to make their homes

I then walked through the churchyard full of ancient gravestones of former members of the village
past the Victorian lamp post

and past the church of St. Nicholas with its small windows in the porch and the heavy oak door

I passed a stone trough full of flowers

and a zig-zag tree, that couldn't decided whether to grow left or right

past fields that have been harvested and cleared

with all the straw bailed and stored for winter

then back home feeling clear-headed and invigorated

A nice gentle stroll in the afternoon sun - what could be better?


  1. Bother, bother, bother. When we were travelling round England and Scotland, we were supposed to stop one night in Leicestershire but we were so fed up with putting the tent up and down in the rain, we stayed an extra night at Hexham instead and missed the Leicestershire visit. Now I am seeing what I am missing. Bother!


  2. What a nice little town and lovely scenery.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. I really enjoyed this photo post of what must be wonderful walk! Flighty xx

  4. I enjoy sharing my little walks with you all it helps me see my surroundings through your eyes.

  5. You take some wonderful photos Elaine! How do you manage to write a blog post very day? And on two blogs!!

  6. Thank you for taking us along on your glorious adventure. So many beautiful and interesting sights. Lovely photographs! A most refreshing, wonderful post!

  7. Its nice to have such lovely places to walk and relax and enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful countryside. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you.