Monday, 3 October 2011

Convolvulus Cutie

Did you know that Hover Flies or Flower Flies migrate here from the Continent, no, neither did I.  Apparently the hovering is to attract females, didn't know that either.  It has been a good year for them, there have been hundreds about especially on this small Convolvulus which I had planted in one of my containers.  I have emptied the container now to re-plant with bulbs, but have potted it up in the hope that it will overwinter in the greenhouse.  It is such a lovely colour, only small flower heads on a trailing stems, great for container growing.
The leaves are starting to fall with a vengeance now, looking beautiful in the churchyard early this morning.


  1. Lovely flowers and lovely leaves. I love autumn!

  2. Wow, the colours in that first picture are so vibrant!

  3. Isn't migration a wonderful miracle of nature. And very pretty pictures too.

  4. Bulbs - thank you for the reminder - have not even ordered mine yet!

  5. I have had my bulbs for a couple of weeks now and still haven't got round to putting them in.

    Thank you Ann - I think any insect that migrates to us will have gone back by now - it's starting to get colder here.


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