Sunday, 2 October 2011

Tough Love

This Campanula carpatica has sprung into life again it is growing at the base of my Victoria plum tree and its delightful blue-mauve flowers just keep coming.  It seems to like the position of dappled shade and thrives without any attention from me.  It likes to warm itself on path edges in a well-drained soil and can be propagated by division.
A couple of weeks ago I spotted some new leaves forming on the Delphiniums and lo and behold a new flower spike has developed - I have never known this happen before - so I can only presume that it likes the crazy weather we have been having.
At the beginning of the summer my Camellia was looking rather poorly and was an eyesore that hadn't flowered for a couple of years - I decided drastic action was needed, either throw it out or give it one last chance.  I picked the latter option and chopped the whole plant off to within two inches of the main stem leaving a small stump - pretty drastic I think you would agree.  Well, this picture shows lots of new growth, so hopefully it will reach its former glory and flower once more.

I also did this with a Viburnam which had grown too large for its space - I cut it right down to ground level, thinking well that's that then, I've killed it, but no, it has put on a lot of new growth
 This plant flowers from late autumn right through to spring, and is a welcome spot of colour in an otherwise bare garden, till the bulbs start to flower.  So sometimes a bit of drastic action pays dividends.


  1. Gorgeous mauve shades! Our delphiniums will often form a new (small) flower spike in late summer, but only if we cut them back after the main flowering. If I ever get caught up in my commenting, I'll show you a photo.


  2. That would certainly cheer the heart. A a lovely warm blue. Clever, planning in your planting!

  3. Foxglove Lane - thanks - I love these unexpected second flush flowerings, you never know what is going to pop up next.

  4. I particularly like those campanulas! Flighty xx

  5. I love the campanulas too!

  6. Tough Love is often needed in the garden, Elaine ;-) I do the same with my roses. Sometimes, I put a shovel next to an under-performer. And often, it works! Congrats on one more delph bloom. Hope your camellia makes a full recovery.