Saturday, 1 October 2011

Burnished Gold Beauty

I was given this plant a few weeks ago and have only just got round to planting it out in my 'orange' border.  There was no label with it but it is obviously a Rudbeckia of some sort - I have checked in my plant encyclopedia but it isn't there - can anyone help with identification?  It is quite a stocky little plant, and shorter than most, but there are still plenty of buds on it - I can only presume it is an annual.  I really love the burnished gold colour of the flower.
I just had to add this Calendula - buttercup yellow and multi-petalled - lovely.  I will definitely be collecting the seed from this one.

And finally, this warm weather has induced these lovely pale lemon Primulas to flower well before their time, so pretty and delicate.


  1. What a gorgeous Rudbeckia Elaine. Great colors in the bloom. I love primroses. I was hoping mine would bloom again with the cooler weather. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I like all of these, especially the pot marigold! Flighty xx

  3. Funny, Elaine, because I was given a rudbekia with these same burnished (perfect word) markings this spring. No name known either, but mine is quite tall and narrow.

    Let's compare them again next fall!