Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Late bloomers and other things

Verbena bonariensis
Some sort of Acer I guess
Village tree at the crossroads
Village trees
At the weekend I finally dug up the Dahlias - they were looking pretty bedraggled and sorry for themselves - they haven't had a good year.  I decided against leaving them in the ground as I want to plant them at the allotment next year.  I lost all of last years' tubers during the winter so I am going to wrap them in newspaper, as Mark Willis suggested, keep them in the shed, and hope for the best.
I usually get rid of all the leaf litter that covers the flower beds, but this year I am leaving it for the bugs and beetles to deal with as I am trying to have a more insect-friendly garden - my motto this year is don't be too quick to tidy up.

I had a wander round with the camera to see if I could find any autumnal photos, as everyone else's blogs I read are full of beautiful shots.  Here are a few I found:-
Hydrangea petiolaris

driftwood - nicely rotting
Borage still in flower, self-seeded by the front gate
Flowers of the Choisya just opening
Erysium - the wonder plant
Not a big haul, sadly, but mine isn't a very shrubby garden - so I will just have to be satisfied with what I have.

I also dug up some Wallflower plants from their nursery bed at the allotment and planted them in the front garden.  They were really healthy looking plants - whereas, the ones that I planted out a few weeks ago are much smaller and the leaves are full of holes, do flea beetles attack wallflowers?  I love the variety of colours and the fragrance of  them and grow them every year amongst the daffodils and tulips


  1. Debating whether to lift my dahlias Elaine before we have the first frost. Advice always seem to be to let them get frosted once but if you do it's a decidedly chilly job on the fingers when you do lift them. Those blue plastic crates look most familiar :)

  2. What a lovely series of photos.. I note you have not named the trees... I didn't in my last post either but everyone noticed and made suggestions. I know better than that!

  3. What a lovely colourful post! Flighty xx

  4. Hi Elaine. Your Borage is so pretty. I have never grown this flower before. Thanks for reminding me that I have not gotten my Dahlias cut and dug up yet. LOL!

  5. Loads of lovely colour there. I still haven't dug up my dahlias as some still have flowers and we still haven't had a frost. Like you I lost all mine last year, the garage got too cold, so this year I am going to try the loft!

  6. Your plants in the fall garden are looking so beautiful. I love the borage photo. And the acer photo is so representative of the season.

  7. Amidst all your pretty last blooms, I couldn't tear my eyes away from those gorgeous reds of the village trees. Wow.

  8. Fall is looking pretty over there. I have been admiring Verbena bonariensis on several blogs. It is going on my plant list for next year.

  9. I think you did pretty well with the Autumn pics. Would love to have Dahlias but they don't like our heavy soil. Never think of planting Wallflowers then I see them in other people's gardens and wish I had some.