A Patchwork Garden

Some borders in my garden are left to their own devices.  There is no specific planting I just let everything seed itself about and wait to see the results.  Foxgloves, Sweet Rocket, Forget-me-nots, Aquilegia all mixed up.  Primulas are split and transplanted, underplantings of bulbs like Hyacinth, which have been indoors over winter are planted willy-nilly.  The result, hopefully, is a natural looking garden - probably a bit messy for those who like a weedless perfect look, sometimes one flower will dominate and a few are pulled out to give other plants a chance to shine - but on the whole, it works, with very little effort.

One of the good things about this way of patchwork gardening is that it leaves very little of the soil bare, so not many weeds are able to take hold.  I have one or two problems with ground elder, but that too is mostly left unless it becomes too invasive, and spurge, which seems to predominate. is easily removed.

Although I enjoy gardening, I don't want it to become too much of a chore - this way the plants do most of the work for me, keeping the ground covered and keeping the weeds out.

Spring Garden 2010
As you may have noticed I have given the blog a face lift - not sure whether I will keep it or not - it may be just be a little bit in your face We'll see.


  1. Sounds like you are already following the advice of Mr. Fukuoka!

  2. I like your facelift Elaine. My sort of colours and you want to stand out from the crowd!
    I think that's a great way to garden. It's so much more spontaneous...

  3. I'm a big fan of letting the plants themselves do a lot of the work for you, and always intriguing to see the ebb and flow. Sadly for me, lots of the things that I would love to self seed (verbena, anthriscus, my favourite aquilegias) are strangely reluctant.

  4. That's my kind of garden, and I like the new layout here! Flighty xx

  5. Love your patchwork. So nice to see the Spring bloomers, as it is now time to get those bulbs in the ground! (WHen the snow melts that is!)

  6. My garden is only seven years old, so I still filling in the bare areas. I want to fill it all in to keep the weeds out.

  7. like a quilt, your kind of planting design is natural and pretty. As with our blogs, often want a facelift but never sure about the outcome! I like these colours.

  8. I like your carefree approach -- love pretty garden surprises :-)


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