Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Name of the Rose

The other day I posted a picture of an unknown rose and I just wanted to thank http://wellywoman.wordpress.com/ for all the trouble she went to trying to find out the name of the rose for me.  The one she found  was very similar in description, but it didn't ring any bells with me.  So I went on t'internet and eventually found it.  The name is 'Josephs Coat' for obvious reasons, as the pictures above will show.  The rose changes colour day by day, hence the name.   At last I can sleep at night.


  1. Now we will all be able to sound very knowledgeable because, once one's heard the name, it will be easily remembered. Brilliant.

  2. When I don't know a plant name I tend to invent my own. Not very useful for online discussions though...Glad you got this one identified.

  3. linniew - if I hadn't found out the name of the rose I would have called it 'Smouldering Embers' hows that.

    Esther - you're right, I won't forget the name again in a hurry.

  4. Glad you found the right name. Looking through my old books made me appreciate the quality of books now. How anyone could identify plants by photograph 30-40 years ago I don't know? The photographs managed to make everything look the same. What did we do before t'internet?


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