Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Rosy Cushion

Another late bloomer ... this one is called ... Rosy Cushion
and grows by the picket fence in the front garden.
It is a bit spindley at the moment ...
but a good dollop of well rotted horse manure
should do the trick.
Sunrise yesterday morning...
a very angry looking sky which didn't really develop into anything much
except lots of wind.


  1. Made me think how we are all sky watching right now and holding on to what is left of the light, but lucky you, your late bloomers are keeping you company throughout:~)

  2. Foxglove Lane - according to the weather forecast I may soon be photographing them in a frosted condition - hold on to your hats winter's around the corner.

  3. Hmmm... your "Rosy Cushion" looks a lot like "Ballerina", a hybrid musk that, unfortunately, gets powdery mildew in my climate like crazy. Blooms are pretty even if the shrub is spindly.