Rabbits Running Free

So, I was making my way back from the allotment this morning and saw what looked like a pile of horse poo
in the middle of the road, I swerved to miss it and to my surprise, it moved.  I couldn't believe my eyes - admittedly it was still a little dark - but, there they were - two lop-eared grey rabbits.  I don't know how long they had been running free from the confines of the rabbit hutch, but they were having a whale of a time racing about, going under parked cars, up garden paths - but never straying very far from home turf. 

I had a feeling I knew who they belonged to and banged on the front door - I was afraid for the rabbits as the morning traffic was picking up  and moving a little too fast for fat little hoppities to get out of the way.  There was no answer to my knocking and the rabbits had disappeared again - oh dear - what to do!  Bunnies are notoriously hard to catch and these two were no exception.

Eventually I found the owners who had no idea that the hutches were empty.  I thought of the distress of their children going to feed the rabbits their breakfast and finding them gone.  So I helped to round them up and made my way home.  Just a little bit too much excitement for that early in the morning, thank you very much.


  1. I can't believe you managed to round up the rabbits! Wonder if they'll have a memory of The Great Escape...

  2. Nice catch - next door's rabbit has escapist tendencies so I know how hard they are to chase down. Last time we had to trap the poor thing in the greenhouse and regroup!

  3. I'm glad that this post had a happy ending! Flighty xx

  4. That was your good deed for the day. Cute bunnies!

  5. Hi Elaine, How kind of you to take the time to stop! Recently, we were at an outdoor market and when we got back to the car (in a dark underground parking lot) I asked the dogs to hop into the back seat. Usually I count, one dog, two dogs, three dogs...but this time, I must have gotten distracted. Our oldest dog didn't jump in. We drove off, unaware we were missing one! About 10 minutes later we got home and realized our error.
    We drove like fiends back to the market. I was so upset!! When we got there we discovered a young couple was holding Buddy, while trying to reach us by phone. (Buddy had an ID tag) I could have kissed them both, I was so relieved!
    I am sure the bunny's family was just as grateful.

  6. What a kind heart! I never liked the thought of bunnies cooped up in hutches, but the thought of their demise running in the road is even more terrifying! Shudder to think if you, with kind heart, had not happened by!

  7. Lop eared rabbits are notoriously difficult to catch.


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