Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Winter Preparations

Autumn is marching on:  even the scarecrows are wearing dead leaves.
Otsuyu Nakagawa
Photo:  Pinterest
In the garden at home I have four raised beds which I use to grow small vegetables, lettuce, radish etc., and any spare plants left over from the allotment.  They are mostly empty now so I have spread manure and compost and covered them  to stop cats, badgers and other nuisances from digging holes and leaving their droppings.  I spent the fine weekend completing this task and am glad I did, as the weather here has now turned chilly, and it isn't as pleasant working outside.

As I have been working I have been collecting seedheads for use next year and have a small collection  that will be kept in envelopes in a dry, dark place - Sweet Williams, Sweet Peas, Rudbeckia and Sunflower - there are far more than I will need but it is always best to be on the safe side.
Then, as I was tidying everything way, to my horror, I found another box of stored tulip bulbs.  I thought I had finished my bulb planting for the year - how could I have missed these?  The easiest solution was to take them up to the allotment and dig a trench and plant them in straight lines.  If they don't come to much it won't particularly matter, but if they do come good then there will be plenty for picking for the house.


  1. Your photos are so representative of the beauty of this time of year. I finally received my tulips and will be planting them soon.

  2. It sure was chilly on the plot early this morning.
    I've been collecting lots of seeds which I must start sorting out! Flighty xx

  3. Lovely photos Elaine. I've been seed collecting too, it always helps alleviate the faint melancholy that this time of year can evoke.

  4. Easy to forget a stash of bulbs/seeds!

  5. I love the photos you chose :) Good luck on those tulips :) XOL

  6. As burrs cling to coat sleeves, grass dust seed takes to the wing and acanthus split open it really is that seedhead time of the year.