Friday, 30 December 2011

A Backward Glance

Chive flowers

I started this blog in the middle of May 2011 and have written 192 posts since then.  Out of curiosity I checked out the statistics to see what was the most popular post and The Last Rose of Summer came out on top with 35 pageviews.  I find it intriguing why one post should attract more attention than another, when to my mind, they are of equal interest.  Is it the title that draws a viewer initially or something they can associate with or maybe it's the pictures.  The best month for pageviews was August when they totalled 1,629, a month when I would have thought people would either have been on holiday or too busy in their gardens to sit at a computer reading blogs. 

The other noticeable point is that not many people view the pages - I have to admit I don't do this myself very often - so I have to ask, is it worth adding information  in the form of separate pages, except perhaps for your own use e.g. to make a list of plantings for reference purposes or when you sowed seed etc.

Opium poppies

I am not sure how useful it is to check on the statistics unless you can make use of the information to improve your posts, but I am not sure how I would go about doing that without changing the nature of the blog.

Purple Sensation Allium

I do feel I have improved my blogging technique, or should I say, the way I put a post together, since I started eight months ago - but when I look at the more popular blogs - I feel I still have a long way to go - no matter, I write about my garden because I enjoy doing it, regardless of how many pageviews.

Regal Pelargonium
So, what conclusions have I drawn from the aforementioned statistics - not a lot really. But, as long as I feel that I am sharing the joy I get from gardening with others, then that's alright with me.


  1. I always say that above all anyone who blogs has to enjoy doing it.
    For me favourite blogs have to be interesting, informative and enjoyable to read, which yours have been from the first post.
    Don't be driven by stats, or try to emulate popular blogs, but by what you want to do. It's not what the blog looks like, or how often you post, but by what you write.
    Over time your blog will evolve and change but let it happen naturally just as a garden does.
    The lovely photos have cheered me up on this dreary winter's day!
    Flighty xx

  2. Hi Elaine,

    Exactly, it isn't all about statistics or page views; yes certain things can help you gain more but in the end it's all down to your own enjoyment and the moment the pleasure is gone then it becomes a chore and you're less likely to continue.

    I rarely look at my own stats, but do find that posting on certain days guarantees more comments/views. It makes sense that more people are on over the weekend and so it's more likely people will see blog posts.

  3. Out of interest my most popular post was about dung flies and stinky mushrooms... Not gardening. As to pages it helps if you can see them!
    I think you have already found a way of blogging that works for you and is of interest to others. What i want to know is how you manage to keep three blogs going?

  4. Well stated Elaine. I do not look at the statics on my pages but maybe I should. But like you posting on the joy of the day or moment of what our garden is giving to us is what most of us do. Sharing those moments is what means the most.I have enjoyed your postings and photographs this year and look forward to many more.
    Wishing you a Blessed and Healthy New Year.

  5. What Flighty said. Ignore the stats. You either enjoy what you do or you don't -- and you clearly enjoy sharing the colour and scenes around you with the rest of us. Works for me :-) Happy 2012!

  6. Hi Elaine,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Thought I'd just pop over and take a look at yours. Very impressed. I'm a great fan of cottage gardens. Looking forward to your posts in this new gardening year.