A Good Weekend for Weeding

This weekend was perfect for gardening so I set to and managed to do quite a bit of clearing up of dead leaves that I had left as protection over winter - the blackbirds had been scuffling them about looking for worms and it was starting to look a bit messy - I filled a big trug with them.  Unfortunately there were lots of ladybirds hiding in amongst the leaves, so they will have to find alternative hidey holes, like this:-

Can you spot them - two ladybirds snuggled up together in the flower-cup of a Hellebore - I am always amazed how these little insects can survive over winter.

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When you are kneeling down weeding and getting close to the soil it is good to see what is actually happening at ground level.  I was thinking that all the Anemone Blanda that I planted last year had been accidentally dug up in a weeding frenzy - but I spotted one or two emerging (too small to photograph) so I was rather pleased. I always forget where I planted things as I don't leave any markers near the plants, it is always a surprise when they finally show up.

I kept four new Hebe plants in the greenhouse over winter to try and help them survive - but I think it was even too cold in the greenhouse for them and they look in a sorry state - I have planted them out into their final positions in the hope that they will perk up - this is their last chance, if the don't put on any new growth then I shall give up on Hebes altogether, much as I love them.

Although there are lots of leaves of tulips and daffodils coming through, the only bulbs I have with flowers, are a few crocus:-

These are in the ground, the ones I planted in containers, still have to make a show.  Slowly but surely the garden is coming back to life I will just have to contain my impatience.  But checking daily on the gardens' progress is very satisfying.

On Friday, as the beloved had a day off, we  decided to go for lunch at Foxton Locks.  This pub and restaurant overlooks the canal basin and is favourite stop-off for walkers and boaters in the summer.  It has a glassed-in verandah area for eating, with overhead heaters and blankets available if you should need them.  It is great fun to watch all the ducks racing about trying to be the first  to get to the bread that the walkers bring especially for them.

Now that my greenhouse is cleared out I have begun sowing seed - broad beans and peas have been planted and hopefully this week I will begin re-potting overwintered plants.  I think I can safely say 'the gardening season has begun' - about time too!


  1. Isn't it amazing how ladybirds over winter. I was thinking yesterday that all my anenome blandas had been dug up too, but maybe they're just not through yet

  2. Dont you just love it when you can start going and doing things in the garden knowing the nights are getting lighter and everything is awakening after the winter.I found lots of ladybirds too at the weekend, in fact I have never seen so many this early in the year.

  3. I love the shot of the ladybugs 'cuddling' in the bloom...amazing. With this warm weather, I have begun to see some insect activity. And I suppose I need to get out there and weed, too. ...not one of my favorite garden chores...

  4. I saw my first ladybird yesterday, a real sign of spring. Hope your hebes survive, they are such lovely shrubs. Mine seem to get through the winters okay, but they don't seem to understand the bit on the label that says dwarf.

  5. And isn't it great that spring is sprung. We were out tidying and sowing seed. I'm glad you have seen some Ladybirds, Elaine, they are conspicuous by their absence in our garden.

  6. Really pretty spring flowers. We are still waiting here.

  7. I too am back in the garden, big time. Spent yesterday cleaning up and weeding the long border. I'm aching today but I will be at it again today as a good day is promised. Love your little Crocuses, purple is my fave colour. Mine have'nt flowered yet.

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  9. Yours was a better weekend than mine as I emptied the compost heap on Saturday!
    I've been to Foxton Locks many years ago! Flighty xx

  10. I like the two ladybugs in the hellebore - cute!

  11. Hi Elaine, I so wish that I had a crocus or two popping up in my garden. It snowed here overnight! It must be wonderful to be experiencing the first signs of spring. The ladybirds look very cozy snuggled away in that flower blossom.


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