Saturday, 28 April 2012

End of the Month - April Round-up

April has been pretty disastrous as far as gardening is concerned.  Okay I admit we needed rain and the garden has benefitted from it and I am sure the rivers and reservoirs have filled up nicely, but to be able to get out and do some gardening, has been nigh on impossible.  Especially for a fair-weather gardener like me.  So everything is at the holding stage at the moment, and if needs be, I will just keep potting on till the ground has warmed up a little and dried out sufficiently.  It is all very frustrating.  I have done a slideshow to show how everything is progressing.

Are you braving the weather and managing to get out and do a bit?


  1. Enjoyed the slide show Elaine, despite the weather everything seems to be coming along nicely! This morning was lovely, bright and sunny but I didnt have time to go into the garden and when I did this afternoon the rain started again.I had to content myself with the watering only inside the greenhouse.

  2. Actually the weather here in NW Ireland has been fairly good this April. Lots of sunshine and good dry days. A few rainy ones but we need those too.

  3. Just about managing to do my bit here...

    Hope May brings a better month for us gardeners.

  4. Hmmm, slide show says it's temporarily unavailable... I'm sure you have heaps and heaps going on since you did so much planting. I don't know how you manage it all except to be gardening full time :-)