Saturday, 27 October 2012

On a freezing cold day I am so glad I have a greenhouse to play in

The temperature has dropped rapidly overnight - much too cold for me (a fairweather gardener).  So I did the next best thing I pottered in the greenhouse.  A bit of harvesting, tidying up plants with dead leaves and getting rid of container plants that have finished.
The sun came out and it was quite pleasant in there, although my feet were still cold.  Above is a batch of tomatoes that have ripened, there are still quite a few small cherry tomatoes that are green, not sure if they will come to anything though.
I picked the last of the dwarf beans, the container can now be emptied, not sure what I will plant in it - maybe some oriental leaves.

The peas that I sowed a couple of weeks ago are now pushing through

and the pot of carrots will soon be ready for picking as baby carrots

I will be thinning these chard plants and using the thinnings  in a mixed salad.

Salad leaves are coming along nicely, I'm hoping to sow a couple more pots shortly to keep the supply coming.
The greenhouse is also sheltering some of my tender geraniums

I am going to be taking cuttings of these for next year's supply of plants

and a late sowing of Nasturtiums are still flowering bravely giving a bright welcoming spot of colour. 

No one can accuse me of not using my greenhouse to full advantage, and it makes me feel that I can still do a bit of gardening even when it is too bloomin' cold outside.


  1. I love the idea of a green house. We have discussed building a small one where we can start our sets. Are you able to grow year round? The green beans look so good and fresh. You will surely enjoy a nice fresh salad with all of the greens. We may as well face it, we are in for a long, cold winter, but we have each other to keep us company.

    1. Yes Ann I do grow year round, the greenhouse definitely helps with that, although the variety is a bit limited in winter.

  2. Love greenhouses as you say ideal for when it`s cold we tried heating ours but it cost a fortune so gave that up and used it as you do.No room for one in the garden now but have one on the plot which I can duck into if it rains.

  3. Well I have to say you have put me to shame as I was going to let my greenhouse go to sleep until spring. An impressive harvest indeed, some good looking toms there.

    I think I'll plant some salad leaves and peas now as I'm all fired up and inspired by this post.xxxxx

  4. My greenhouse envy has resurfaced on reading this. If I had a full size plot I'd definitely have one. Flighty xx

  5. You make such good use out of every growing season and setting available to you! Those tomatoes look summer-ripe and the beans look delicious.

  6. You are still harvesting lots of vegetables! These cold days I also like to be pottering in my greenhouse, much better than outside. We stopped heating the greenhouse for 2 years now, because it cost more than heating our house where we mostly use the woodburner. I don't hope we get too much frost so that I have to bring all tubs to the basement of our house.

  7. It must be so nice to have a greenhouse and the opportunity to grow a few things into the colder months. I was hoping to transform one of my raised beds into a cold frame, but the weather has not been cooperating. I am beginning to understand how many gardeners in Europe have felt this summer when there was lots of rain and no sun. We have had nothing, but rain and more is forecast.