Saving the best till last

My Cosmos plants in the front garden are still flowering beautifully.  One particular plant has dozens of buds on it and the flowers have only just decided to open.

All the plants were put in the ground at the same time, so why this one has decided to hang on before flowering right at the last moment,  before it gets killed off my frost, I don't know.

A rather nice autumn surprise.

There isn't a lot going on in the rest of the garden, the trees are stubbornly refusing to change colour, but the Hydrangea Petiolaris on the back wall has turned a gorgeous yellowy-orange.
Once the leaves start falling we put a net over the fish pond to save having to scoop them out every day.

When the leaves are green I consider it quite a boring plant, except for when it flowers, but in autumn it earns its place in the garden.

And the Viburnam has sprung into flower, always a welcome sight, these flowers last well into winter, before they turn into berries.  It has been pruned hard twice this year when it threatens to take over the border, but still it comes into flower, thank goodness, as there is very little else.

And finally, the Cotoneaster tree in the front garden, it is full of berries this year, I hope this isn't a bad omen for a hard winter.  We get lots of blackbirds and redwings coming to eat them when the weather turns cold, I sit and watch them from the bedroom window, gulping the berries down like there is no tomorrow.


  1. nice to make the most of the last of the Autumn flowers Elaine frost on the way this weekend

  2. How lovely that you have colour in the garden still. Like you I have lots of really tall cosmos still in bloom, they have blossomed late this year, I'm collecting the seed heads for next year.

    I've heard that saying about the berries being a sign of a bad winter, we have lots of rowan and holly berries so hoping there is no truth in

  3. There is still a fair bit of colour in our garden too but I dont suppose it will last much longer. The viburnum is a gorgeous winter flowerer though isnt it and the scent is much welcomed.

  4. To every plant its season, whether it be flowers, foliage, perfume or autumn colour. Christina

  5. Hi Elaine. Your yard wears her fall colors nicely. The cosmos are always the last to go, aren't they? Autumn here is in full swing with the leaves on the trees nearly gone. We have rain tonight, thankfully; snow will follow sometime during the night.

  6. Very brilliant colors, Elaine. Cosmos are so cheery, aren't they?

  7. Your cosmos are so lovely Elaine. I regret not planting some this summer because they would have still been in bloom now. I must remember that next spring. LOL!

  8. Cosmos have really done well over the past month or so.
    I like all the warm autumnal pictures. Flighty xx

  9. I didn't have any cosmos this year - and really missed them. I usually have some 'Purity' to pop into gaps in the borders. Next year, eh? I do have some self sown nicotiana dotted about the place. They're about two inches across - poor things! D

  10. Hi just found your lovely blog, what a lovely garden you have it must keep you busy.


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