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Friday Flowers . What's New in Bloom and a Village Walk

The weather has been pretty miserable all week but at last it has brightened up and a trip around the garden was called for to see if I could find anything new that has come into flower.

I picked a few wallflowers and geraniums for this light and fresh posy - I have a soft spot for wallflowers, and all the different colours they come in - they haven't been the best this year, but have still provided a bit of colour in the borders.

The lilac is blooming its socks off, it didn't flower last year for some obscure reason, so the blossom is all the more welcome.

There is a lilac bush on the verge outside the house and everytime I get out of the car and brush against it I almost faint with delight as the fragrance overpowers me.

If you grow Clematis Montana you need to give it plenty of room to grow - it has created a hedge all along the front fence and looks stunning - it has reached its maximum now and I don't have to prune it or anything  - this is as good as it gets.


Friday Flowers . What's New in Bloom . Pretty Cows and Handsome Horses

The poor old garden has really taken a bashing this week.  Rain, hail, even a bit of snow and gale force winds.  Welcome to spring in England.  I ventured out inbetween heavy bouts of rain to pick the Friday posy - there wasn't a lot to choose from but I managed to make a fairly decent bouquet.
The garden is at that awkward stage changing over from bulbs to cottage garden flowers that aren't quite in full throttle yet.

In the front garden the bluebells have now emerged amongst the forget-me-nots.  Each year I dig bucketfuls of bulbs out but they just seem to come back stronger than ever.  I didn't plant these, they were in the border long before we got here and have established themselves good and proper.  They don't last long in flower and the leaves look a mess when they have gone over - I am quite brutal with them but they don't seem to mind.
The Aquilegia are just starting to open - it is hard to get a decent photo of them when their heads droop these are the …

Friday Flowers . What's in Bloom and Goodbye to Alfie and Eddie

These redhot tulips were picked from my cutting garden - well, in real life they are more of a burnt orange - mixed with yellow archangel and cowslips - they certainly pack a punch.

I can never understand how these delicate Dicentra plants survive the harsh winters  when I have lost so many other 'sturdier' ones.
The Cornflowers are beginning to flower - they, at least, come back every year without fail and make a welcome early addition to the borders.
This pale lemon Heuchara with its bright green leaves is a very understated addition to the borders but it is a good filler plant that grows well in shade and splits easily.
The same applies to the Lady's Bedstraw which has really taken off this year - apparently its perfume increases if picked and dried - it used to be used as a strewing herb.
The Solomans Seal has popped up not far from where is was planted it usually gets attacked by saw-fly and doesn't look this good for very long.  You can see the Comfrey pushing i…

A Posy for May . Garden Update and Cherry Blossom

The lovely sunny weather has departed and left us with strong winds, and although rain was forecast, we haven't had all that much.  It has turned colder too we are still lighting the log burner in the evening.

An unexpected and unplanned combination of tulips and wallflower beautifully co-ordinated.

I love this tulip and buy it every year - such delicate markings - and as the flower head ages it turns into a soft lilac colour.

The daffodils have all but finished but the tulips are still going strong, there are buds on the lilac tree, which didn't flower at all last year and the ornamental cherry is garishly showing off its blossom.

If you can spot the white blossom in the top left hand corner - this branch has reverted to type from where it was grafted and produces small cherries which get scattered all over the garden and produce tiny plants.

The wallflowers are taking centre stage now but compared to other years the plants are rather small perhaps they didn't take too k…

A Mini-May Heatwave . The Tulip Season and a Newt

Hello May - where did you come from and where did April go?  That has to be the quickest month ever.  I suppose it is because there is so much to do in the garden that I hardly noticed its passing.  I have finally just about caught up with everything - the weather has been so wonderful that staying indoors wasn't an option.  Seed sowing, pricking out and transplanting has been full steam ahead and now all everything needs to do is grow.

The garden is changing, every day there is something new in flower.  The daffodils are going over and the tulips are coming into their own.  I usually pick shades of purple and lilac tulips for my containers, but this year I seem to have chosen, yellows, apricots and cream.  I say seem to have chosen, mainly because I can't remember doing so.  I obviously had a funny turn in the garden centre at the time of choosing and a touch of amnesia.  Anyway it all turned out alright in the end.
These yellow tulips were the first to open a lovely cheerfu…