Monday, 31 March 2014

re-charged and re-vitalised …

Why? You may well ask.  Solar power. Remember my post last week – feeling sorry for myself – not able to understand why I felt so tired and underwhelmed by spring, my favourite season. A bit of warmth and lots of light -  that is all that was needed.  It seems my batteries have been running on low over winter but a weekend of the sun on my skin, working outside with no cold wind and I was cured.  My batteries have been topped up.   Getting up with the rising sun, working in the garden all day and only coming in at dusk did the trick.  No yawning or feeling the need for a nap – I felt like me again – what a relief.  Hurrah!

Only one snag – I forget to put the clocks forward – we didn’t know whether we were coming or going.  Anyway, once that was sorted we were off and many tasks were completed.

Dahlias potted up; tomatoes transplanted; sweet peas planted; new bark paths laid around the raised beds; piles of old plant pots and containers taken to the tip; shed tidied – it was a good weekend – and at the end of it I felt a nice kind of tired – ready to face a new month with vim and vigour.


The first tulip to open


A big fat pigeon taking up the whole of the bird bath.


Finding the winter quarters of a lot of snoozing snails


The garden this day last year – compared to the one below – what a difference


See how the garden looks opened up without that big blob of a tree at the end of the garden


Even the fish are enjoying the sunshine.


The sun tempted the pear blossom to open


and the blossom on the damson tree


The beautifully fragrant Bridal Shower Narcissus is making a show


and the purple sprouting broccoli – is, well - sprouting its socks off.

Hurrah for spring that’s all I can say.

‘Til next time – from a much ‘perkier’ blogger -  have a good week, and remember:-


  1. We've had no real 'depth' of winter here, so my annual depression didn't really happen. However, like you, the sunshine, smell of new mown grass, and dirty finger nails, certainly helps to envigorate.

  2. glad your full of vitality now amazing what a few decent days make to the spirit

  3. Gorgeous signs of spring, Elaine. Glad you are feeling revitalized. Isn't the sunshine an amazing thing? We are having a bit of a snow melt here. Plus temps yesterday and today and rain in the forecast for tomorrow!

  4. So glad that you are feeling better. Yes it's quite amazing how the sun can revitalize us isn't it??

  5. It's to know that you've perked up. Lots of good photos, and the comparison with the same day year last year is quite startling.
    Happy gardening. Flighty xx

  6. Yep! Everyday is a second chance! Loved that shot of the pigeon!!!! But my favorite shot is that perspective photo of your garden and all of its blooms along the path! Gorgeous! Sounds like you rocked it and amen to the sun! We are having our first warm day here today so let the clean up begin! So glad you got recharged!! Nicole

  7. I'm glad you've found your energy. Warm sunshine makes all the difference! It is lovely seeing the spring colour in your garden, so different to last year. I'm so relieved we haven't had a winter/spring like that this year.

  8. Lovely to hear you have your mojo back! You are much further on than me, sweet peas planted eh? mine are only three inches tall....and my pear blossom is still in bud form.
    Oh I do agree, a little sunshine works deep magic for sure....we had a rather lovely weekend's to the four month

  9. It's been sunny around here for the last day or so...maybe that's why I feel like getting out there also. Your pond is delightful.


  10. I love it! Solar power has rejuvenated you for fully enjoying all of spring's glory. And it looks like a glorious one coming up in your garden!

  11. Glad to read that your va-va- voom has returned Elaine :) Those snoozing molluscs must have got a bit of a shock when they saw the sunlight. Your post has most opportunely reminded me to pot up my dahlias this week.

  12. So pleased that the old you has returned and is raring to go. Everything is going mad in the garden - I always love to see the new chartreuse coloured leaves of the weeping willow like you have at the bottom of your garden.

  13. I have been feeling just the same. Yesterday was the first nice sunny day in what seems like forever. I went out and hung the laundry on the line with just a sweater on. What a treat! I have been feeling a bit like a sloth, but the sun just rejuvenated me. Hopefully today, I can sneak out into the garden for just a bit.

  14. What's it called S.A.D - Seasonal affective disorder. A bit of brightness works wonders. I'm hoping the heavy rain hasn't ruined the blossom.

    1. I actually looked up SAD before I wrote this post this is what it said

      Who is affected by SAD?
      It's estimated that SAD affects about 2 million people in the UK, and more than 12 million people across Northern Europe.

      Like other types of depression, SAD is more common in women than in men, with up to three times more women than men affected.

      Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that has a seasonal pattern.

      The episodes of depression tend to occur at the same time each year, usually during the winter.

      As with other types of depression, the two main symptoms of SAD are a low mood and a lack of interest in life. You may also be less active than normal and sleep more.

      Which is exactly what I have been going through - I think before next winter I am going to buy a light box and see if that helps.

  15. The contrast between last year and this is amazing! Some days in the last couple of weeks have felt more like May.

  16. Lovely to see the signs of spring in your garden, What a contrast to last year! It does look so different with the tree gone too! Hope the sun is shining on you this week too. Sarah x

  17. It's surprising how a little bit of sun can perk us up a bit. Let's hope this has done the trick Elaine. Your garden is looking lovely and your hard work has paid off.
    Patricia x

  18. You have a beautiful garden space....I am sure it feels great to be out in it with the sun shining! I love your bridal shower Narcissus--i have such a weakness for daffodils! Enjoy your time in the garden!!

  19. I need some solar power, meanwhile I shall look at your lovely flowers instead x

  20. Your garden is so beautiful...