wakey, wakey … spring is here …


I don’t know what it is but I can’t seem to drag myself out of winter ‘mode’.  I see the sun shining through the window; the laundry blowing on the line; I see the cheeriness of the daffodils waving about in the breeze; I see bud and leaf breaking – all signs of spring – so why am I not feeling ‘perky’ and raring to go.  I don’t know – you tell me.  Winter slothfulness still has its grip on me and I can’t seem to shake it off.


I have spent some time in the greenhouse sowing seed – but not with any particular enthusiasm.  I spend most of my time yawning and thinking about bed time.  Maybe, as my Mum used to say – I need a tonic.  If I was feeling lethargic when I was little, off we went to the doctor – for a tonic.  Not sure what was in it – probably a vitamin boost of some sort.  Can you get tonics any more?


Meanwhile, back at the ranch – the farmer has let the cows out into the fields behind us – they were leaping about like spring lambs glad to be out of their winter quarters – most ungainly, but a lovely sight.


I have planted strawberries in hanging baskets


The container peach – new last year – is full of garishly pink blossom


And the first of the Fritillaries has appeared amongst the Scilla – how lovely is that


Oh and I have been having a book clear out – cookbooks I never use and a pile of paperbacks – ready for the charity bookshop



My favourite Minnow narcissus are blooming in a container


Oh, and today we had hail – nice!


So – that is the week so far – I will give myself a good ‘talking to’ – try and snap out of this lethargy before it takes over and I find myself staying in bed and snoozing all day.


and remember

‘Every day you must decide what you COULD do, what you SHOULD do and what you MUST do.’

Until next time – take care – and in my case, try and stay awake.


  1. I know how you feel. When I was a child the miracle cure was purple medicine made up by the chemist. I'm not convinced that it wasn't just sugary coloured water!

  2. There must be a lethargy bug going around because I've got it too.

  3. Me too! It's amazing how the weather affects your energy levels. The day I went to London was lovely and sunny and I walked round all day, but now it's back to chilly weather I just want to go back to bed. If you find a magic cure, let us know! xx

  4. Wakey Wakey I thought it was the Billy Cotton band show starting cor that takes me back and that last photo is now a Selfie Elaine you are now officially with it!

  5. You made me think of the dormouse in the teapot in Alice in Wonderland. I know what you mean about feeling lethargic - I also at the moment find it hard to make even the simplest decision - perhaps we'll all feel more lively when the clocks 'spring forward' this weekend:)

  6. It's been more of a struggle this year. I'm getting whacked more quickly than I used to. Perhaps it's because the weather has been so bad over winter we haven't been so active. That's my excuse anyway.
    You could also still be getting over the nasty bug you had.

  7. gorgeous garden! you have so much in bloom ~ we are still in winter mode here ♥

  8. Well the good news is that your garden beauty perked me up!! Such beautiful bits and blooms all around your garden! But I hear you...I have so much to do and am dragging a bit as well...if you get some of that tonic can you share the recipe!! Ha! All the best today friend!! Nicole xo

  9. Your spring flowers are so beautiful. I like the clothes line shot, but my fav is the cows. Perhaps you should ask them for a cup of milk for an energy boost. When I get tired, I sometimes wonder what's wrong with me. Then I find my lips are bit dry telling me that I am a bit dehydrated. I drink water and begin to feel better.

  10. Oh dear, you sound how I felt last week when I had the dreaded lurgy. Lots of herbal tea, chai lattes and Ibuprofen and hopefully you will feel like a spring lamb very soon! I think after this awful winter and the uncertainty still of the weather makes us not trust the blossom and blooms that are waving us outside xx

  11. I have no tonics but a glass of wine seems to do the trick. But of course that's perhaps not the best advice in the morning. I like your selfie. :)

  12. Hi Elaine, you sound exactly how I feel it's the no interest in life I don't like very much.
    Anyway you live in a lovely part of the country with fields and a beautiful garden to view. Let's hope we all feel a little brighter next week when the evenings will be lighter and hopefully warmer.

    Thanks for sharing your feelings it's nice to know one is not alone.

    Hazel c uk

  13. It sounds as if you could still be getting over the dreaded lurgy Elaine. Good questions about whether you can still get tonics. I've wondered the very same question. Maybe time for a visit to the doctor if the feeling of lethargy lingers or a glass or two of Guiness :) Take care.

  14. You have a beautiful garden and greenhouse! Your spring bulbs are lovely! It is hard to stay motivated here; we have had springy weather one day and snow the next.

  15. As for your tonic; these day it comes from Tesco, and is served mostly with Gin.

  16. That fritillary is just gorgeous, and all those sunny flowers! I hope you are managing to stay awake Elaine ~ I get in that mode too, usually when I have way too much to do, & end up doing nothing!

  17. Nice post and lovely photos. I'm sure that once the clocks change and it gets a bit warmer that you'll be full of enthusiasm again. Flighty xx

  18. Your springflowers look lovely, clean wash on the line and a beautiful view with cows. I know very well it is sometimes difficult to keep the courage, especially when there is too much to do. I have to take care for my very old parents and when there is a day for myself I want to do everything. The result is that I do nothing at all, very frustrating. The clock is changing here coming weekend, may be that helps you too. Keep awake, take a walk and take care of yourself enjoying all the beauties of nature.

  19. I don't think you're alone with this at all. There are few coughs around here - a sort of end-of-winter-feeling-rundownness! It's also turned cold again, so perhaps a sudden wave of warm weather will perk everyone up.
    I love to see the cows released from their winter quarters, too - a real joy for them and for anyone watching.

  20. Elaine, your post title and last picture made me giggle. I can't comment one way or another as we seem to be a long way from spring here. Snowing again today - 10 to 15 cms they say!

    But it looks like you're doing all the right things to get into spring. The daffs are amazing! Enjoy.

  21. I know that feeling. I expect we all do. You can buy tonics at chemists. And maybe you are 'going down with something'. But I've often found when I think I have no energy or interest - all of a sudden, one flame lights and the fire spreads. I'm up and going again. Wishing you some matches!

  22. You've taken some really lovely photos. Hope you got rested up.

  23. Well, this weekend the weather is set to improve and I've heard we are due a four month long heatwave in May....how brilliant would that be.....hopefully a bit of sunshine will act as a tonic, it's not very inspiring having to garden in the cold ....and that hail is 'orrible!
    Some lovely pics here, the prancing cows made me smile. That little Fritillarie is like a little jewel nestling there....so much in bloom already.xxx

  24. Oh, forgot to say....you snuggled in bed has me wanting to get me jimjams on....that did make me laugh! xxx

  25. Wake up!! LOL! I know what you mean. The Sun shines and I do feel a little better and want to dig into things but I know it is not going to last so I get down again. This winter has hit me harder for some reason and I have to force myself to get things done. I hope we all snap out of it. You have so many prety signs of spring in your garden. So pretty Elaine.

  26. That lagging spring makes us all tired, we need more sunshine, and a bit of growth before we will perk up. I love your spring, it's at least greening up...here it's all snow still.


  27. I empathise with you - I feel I should be jumping around like the lambs full of the joys of spring, but sadly I am not - it must be my age.
    How lovely to see the first of the Fritillaries, must go and inspect mine now.

  28. Hi Elaine, hope you can shake of the winter lethargy, soon! Your garden is certainly already in spring mode and looks so pretty. I really love the cheerful second photo with all the spring bulbs and the primroses. The combination of the scilla and fritillaries is very enchanting! I think it is so neat, that you are growing so many bulbs in beautiful containers. This is something that you don't get to see much in California. Wishing you a nice Sunday evening!

  29. Oh Elaine, I'm sure this feeling will pass when it's ready.
    Your garden will be there when the time comes, to inspire, enthuse & keep you busy. Meanwhile, just sit back & enjoy x

  30. All it takes is those tiny seedlings sprouting to put me in the mood for spring! Love that first photo of sunshine blowing through the clothesline.


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