Thursday, 13 March 2014

this week in pictures …

I returned from my weeks break full of the joys of spring.  Alas, it didn’t last for long – I woke on Monday morning with a streaming cold, thumping headache, my nose felt like someone had left a tap running – I came back to earth with a bang.

Tuesday wasn’t much better either – my new computer threw a ‘wobbly’ and went berserk.  I called my computer man who came and spent three hours trying to fathom what had gone wrong – thankfully, he got it sorted and all is well.

I was determined to do some gardening as the weather has been lovely all week – I had to keep a tissue clamped to my nose whilst I bent down to weed and get rid of thousands of forget-me-not seedlings that have covered the garden over winter – but I have made good headway, and filled the wheelie bin with trug loads of weeds and winter detritus.

Over winter I have been giving the veg garden some serious thought as to how to fit everything in now that I don’t have my allotment – the short answer is that I can’t.  So choices have to be made – squash is out of the question, they just take up too much room and maybe only one courgette plant for the same reason.  I won’t bother with broad beans this year, but can manage a couple of troughs of peas.  It’s just a case of growing what we enjoy eating rather than trying to grow a bit of everything.

Flower seeds have been sown but I haven’t got round to sowing any veg seed yet – they are next on the list.

Right – here come this weeks pictures.














purple sprouting broccoli

Til next time – have a good weekend, and remember …


  1. So lovely! Spring has definitely arrived in your corner!

  2. We are so starved for green here. Yesterday we had another snow storm! By contrast all your pictures look so lush and wonderful. What lovely hellebores! The frog looks so lazy and content.
    That Gandhi was quite the wise man. In light of present frustrations with the weather I will pay extra heed of number 7 on the list.

  3. Such a beautiful post! Your blooms are just lovely! And that big happy frog there made me smile! You really have so much going on in your garden! And Gandhi's words are...well there is nothing better! A wonderful day to you! Nicole xoxo

  4. Deciding what, and what not, to grow is an annual problem. I shall cut down on carrots this year, but put in extra leeks. Butternuts are a MUST; I still have 4 in store. Fewer peppers and aubergines, but more winter greens. I must make a list!

  5. Hope you're feeling better now Elaine.. Lovely Spring photos. And someone else with a frog.. could you please send some my way, we haven't had frogs for years and I miss them!

  6. Sorry you were feeling rotten - I bit of tom,e in the fresh air often helps when you real stuffy. Our council in their wisdom don't start collecting garden waster til the end of March so ours is bursting a the seams even thought lots of bags have been taken to the plot compost area.

  7. Beautiful hellebore, and the colour of that anemone!
    I hope gardening in the sunshine has helped clear your head a bit.

  8. I hope you are feeling better Elaine. I am glad that spring is finally making it into your world and filling it with such vibrant colors.

  9. Hope you are feeling better now! You have some wonderful colour in your garden. We have managed to get out and start tidying up a bit - I've filled the garden wheelie bin too but the only trouble is the first collection of garden waste isn't for another month and there is still loads to do. Ah well!

  10. Oh to be in England in the spring. I think Those are the words of either browning or Keats. ( I will look it up). Seems that vacations often end with colds. Spring is finding her way here-- soon. Have a good week end and get well.

  11. Robert Browning, as he longed to return to England from Italy.

  12. I hope that you're feeling better, and that your computer is behaving itself.
    Lovely pictures. Flighty xx

  13. Lovely post Elaine. Your garden is so pretty. Hope you feel better very soon and that your computer behaves itself. Have a great weekend.
    Patricia x

  14. Lovely to see your spring garden, I hope you are feeling much better. We had a similar problem when we gave up our allotment. We find we can manage with just one courgette. Sarah x

  15. Your garden is looking really lovely Elaine, so many lovely bright spring colours. Amazing what a bit of sunshine does isnt it? Hope your cold goes soon, but I'm glad it hasnt really stopped you doing what you wanted to do. I am way behind doing things garden wise but have accepted things will have to take a back seat perhaps this year.

  16. Elaine your garden is so far ahead of mine here and is so full of spots of color already. How wonderful. I am drooling over every little green shoot here lately. LOL! Your crocus are just lovely. Sorry you came back just to be sick. Not fun at all. Take care and get better.

  17. I hope your snuffle dries up soon.

  18. I'm sorry about the rotten cold, hope the sun this week has helped cure it quickly!
    You have some lovely spring flowers in bloom and I love the photo of the frog.
    Such wise words from Ghandi.

  19. Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear you've been unwell; what a thing to come home to! I have the same dilemma with choosing what to grow as space is so limited and have decided that it makes sense to grow broccoli, courgettes, beans, peas and salad. All the rest is fruit and herbs with flowers squeezed in. I'm sure you'll find a way to fit in what you want, Elaine - the main thing is to keep enjoying the garden!

  20. Love that double many flowers on it. I have the same purple Crosuses in my purple.

  21. Hope that your cold is soon done and dusted Elaine. Hope that you manage to fit in your favourite crops. I'm sure that you will be creative with the space you have.

  22. I am sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Your photos are lovely!

  23. Oh ....darn the rotten lurgy...I know that runny nose far too well just having got shut of a six week long cold. Get better soon gal!!!
    What cheering pics and how good to hear you have sunshine, long may it continue!
    I did love that frog and spotted an old water pump that I think should really be in my garden so just send it here