Tuesday, 18 March 2014

spring is busting out all over …

Thanks for all your comments on my last post – the head cold has gone but left me with an annoying cough – it knocked me for six and all I wanted to do was sleep to get rid of the constant headache, but things are improving at last.

The weekend was lovely – bright spring sunshine with just a hint of chill on the breeze to remind you that it is March.  Everyday brings new signs of life in the garden – still plenty of daffodils to open yet  - and on Sunday I spotted the hyacinths blooming.  These are ones that have been forced indoors then put out into the garden – I have quite a big patch of them now.  The flower heads aren’t as large but they smell just as sweet – if you can bend down far enough to smell them!


I have practically finished all the weeding  – it looks a lot better and cared for now.  During last week I chopped back an ugly Viburnam that was threatening to take over the world – and wanted to replace it with something pretty.  I chose a Prunus Nipponica ‘Brilliant’.  It is full of blossom and the bees are all over it – I also removed a rather sickly looking Buddleia that the Viburnam had overshadowed – it was spindly and only flowered at the very top, but I have taken one or two cuttings from it, so all is not lost. 



Anyway, there I was digging this hole to plant the Prunus, when my spade struck something – buried treasure, maybe – a stash of Roman coins, I wish – but no, I dug down further and further – and found ….. two house bricks!  How on earth did they get there?  I can understand builders rubble with a new house but not one built in the 1930’s.  Good job I found them though or the poor old Prunus wouldn’t have been able to put down a tap root.


Inspired by Celia at Purple Podded Peas with a post on Primroses, when I saw these pretty pink ones, five large plants for £10 I snapped them up.  I have Primroses/Primula/Polyanthus, call them what you will, in many and varied shades – some brash and in your face, others a little more subtle.  They do well in this garden so I keep adding to them yearly.  These new ones are to be planted between the plants of my new rose hedge.  Hopefully they will be around for many years to come.

Below is a selection of the Prims I have in the garden at the moment


From pure white to lemon to bright yellow to a pale lemon double form


From white edged cerise to salmon to orange to dark pink to yellow edged scarlet  to dark red


From hot pink to magenta to lavender to violet.

One or other of them always seem to be in flower practically year round – when the clumps get too large I lift,  split  and re-plant them – such good value – they tend to get overlooked for most of the year when other more exotic plants start doing their thing but I really wouldn’t want to be without them.

Meanwhile the surrounding fields are filling up with ewes and their lambs enjoying the sunshine



The sky is still blue


The lawns have been given their first mowing - and spring is busting out all over




‘Til next time – happy gardening, and remember ~


  1. What a beautiful post. I love your primulas (not sure I spelled that right), but your crocus pic is my favorite. Nothing says spring to me like those. Glad spring has spring in your area! Cheers.

  2. Gorgeous collection of primulas Elaine. Some may think the colours are brash but I think it's a lovely way to herald the arrival of early spring.

  3. Lovely spring post.. such pretty blooms and cute lambs :o)

  4. I'm sure those buddleia cuttings will grow. I've just cut ours down to about a foot which I do every year to keep the plants bushy.

  5. So beautiful. The English fields, the ewes and lambs, the primrose. We have prime rose and I should plant some. In mild winters they will return in the spring. So did you hear the story about the California couple who actually did find buried treasure--tin cans full of gold coins, newly minted at the in the 19Th century. 10 million dollars worth. They do get to keep the gold, but with a heavy tax. Sorry to hear that you only found bricks. Happy gardening.

  6. Your primulas are a wonderful selection of colour. They look so cheerful. Your prunus is so pretty. We saw our first lambs at the weekend, it really does feel like Spring! Sarah x

  7. Glorious weather and lovely colour outside. Spring has sprung and everything is looking fresh and bright. Lovely photos. The lambs are cute too!

  8. Wow that's a big collection of primulas, my favorite is lavender. Ewes look like they are smiling. And your green lawn...beautiful. Our lawn will be this green in July...for a week and then the heat will kill it.

  9. Glad to read that you are on the mend Elaine. We had fun watching lambs in the Lake District last week - they were really full of the joys of spring.

  10. The prunus full of blossom is lovely- I'm glad the bees have found it already! I've a lot more weeding to do here, so I'm hoping the sun will stay out to make the job so much better. I love the crocuses. I've decided to plant lots of them this autumn and hope that I have lots of survivors for spring. I've lost so many in the past.

  11. Gosh your garden is a piece of heaven! I really like that above shot...it is stunning!! WOW! All of your green and your new prunus all full of blooms!! Enjoy the season friend! Nicole xo

  12. Judging from these photos you must have the most spectacular place in the world. Seriously, it is so beautiful!

  13. Lovely; I wish I knew more about flowers!

  14. Love your Prunus Nipponica, a lovely addition to your garden. So nice to see your collection of primulas, I wouldn’t be without them in my garden either, I have many different types too, besides the Primula vulgaris and although they are a bit understated compared to many other flowers they really light up in certain areas of my garden.

  15. Ah, I see spring is springing for you, too, Elaine! What a collection of primroses you've got. I've been enjoying everyone's crocuses (they will bloom here, but not happily) and never tire of seeing their stripey beauty.

  16. A most enjoyable post and terrific photos. Flighty xx

  17. Love your primulas Elaine and ours are coming along nicely too. Such gorgeous colours and they always cheer me up on a dull day.

  18. Your new shrub is very pretty and I've enjoyed looking at all your different coloured primroses - you have a great collection of them. Lovely to see the little lambs too, I haven't seen any in the fields yet whilst on my travels:)

  19. Spring has certainly sprung in this post ... such beautiful flowers you've shared with us!

  20. I loved the quote at the end there, and talking about things that make you smile.....what are those sheep laughing at??? I loved that pic, it made me laugh out loud.
    Oh....I loved your primroses, especially the white on and those blue and violet ones....simply gorgeous.
    I find buddleia cutting take so easily so hopefully yours will grow well. I lovd this post.xxx

  21. Beautiful images - isn't everything so early this year. I love the smell of hyacinths, I have some in my front garden this year, although, as you say, you do need to get on your knees to enjoy the scent!

  22. Such a lovely range of spring colour! That new prunus is beautiful, so thickly covered with blossom. Nice to see a wide-range shot of your garden too, looking pretty tidy!
    Long may the sunshine continue...