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Daily Pleasures ...

This week I have been ~
Enjoying the last of the summer flowers
Waking early and watching the sun rise  Taking pleasure seeing the berries on the Rowan Tree ripening Trying to capture the Thistle Down as it floats  across the field Finding different seed heads Looking for a break in the clouds Watching the breeze blow the curtains
Luxuriating in eating warm ripe tomatoes fresh from the vine 
Picking apples before they fall  In spare moments reading  one of my favourite authors - Rosamunde Pilcher.  Her books are old-fashioned and charming - good, plain storytelling that draws you into the lives of her characters, and very un-put-downable.  Nothing fancy or highbrow - just a darn good read. Delighting in evening skies Each day brings its own pleasures, however small - some make me smile.  Like the return of the Robin whose song can be heard again in the garden.  Or watching a mother Pigeon and her almost grown chick, with a face only a mother could love, canoodling on the garden table, their he…

Still Life Late Summer

This week has been a mixture of sunshine and rain - early mornings have been beautiful.  On Sunday morning the sun streamed in through the window I snuck down to make a cup of tea and returned to bed with my book for half an hour and luxuriated in idleness and sunshine.  Here are a few still life pictures for you to enjoy.
Zinnias - my favourite summer flower Raindrops like strings of pearls Raindrops like diamonds Harvest from the garden Summer fruits Nature's Bounty Crab apples and cones Berries and seed heads Sungold Tomatoes This is The Snug/Breakfast Room Where crosswords are completed, newspapers perused, books read, and tea is drunk - oh, and breakfast is eaten Late summer still life pictures - just some of the delights at this time of year.  Summer is slowly changing into Autumn - cooler evenings, flowers going over, leaves beginning to fall.  How quickly the circle of the year turns - it never fails to surprise they way it creeps up stealthily with subtle hints day by day.  I'm …

One Moment at a Time

And that is how change happens.  One gesture.  One person. One moment at a time ~ Libba Bray Change doesn't come easily to me - I seem to spend a lot of time resisting it.  But change still happens whether I like it or not.  It unsettles me.  Of course, some change ends up being for the better - but that doesn't help the way I feel about it initially. Things change.  And friends leave.  Life doesn't stop for anybody. ~ Stephen Chbosky A few things have happened that have made me ruminate about change.  The first is that we have decided that the living room needs updating/re-decorating - it is well overdue and will need major surgery - unsettling as chaos will ensue.  Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes.  Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow.  Let reality be reality.  Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. ~ Lao Tzu The second thing is that my lovely neighbour is leaving.  We have been friends for thirteen years and I will miss her.  …

Just a Simple Soul Enjoying Simple Things

 I am a simple soul; I don't need much to make me happy.  A new pair of comfortable sandals that don't rub and enflame my poor old tender feet; a pre-loved dress that fits perfectly in a colour the depth of the ocean with an outrageous pattern of exotic birds - which is so not 'me' yet somehow is. Three books purchased from the second-hand bookshop.  At last some new reading material.  That's all it takes - oh and a goats cheese and onion marmalade tart for lunch at the pub - simple needs for a simple soul.

  I seem to be turning into an eccentric at this stage in my life.  Revelling in out-of-the-ordinary books by Jonathan Carroll which are totally weird and wonderful  see Neil Gaiman's essay on the author here if you are interested, certainly not to everyone's taste, but I love the strangeness of his tales. Trying different fiction that I wouldn't have thought I'd enjoy including those about magical worlds.  Discovering a passion for apocalyptic…